Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finally....we've arrived back home

Nothing feels as good as home. As soon as we crossed the bay bridge and arrived on the Eastern Shore my heart felt better. I'm just a small town type of gal and I don't really enjoy traveling. There's just no better place for me than my living room, sitting on my sofa and stitching with all my "stuff" around me. Anyway, we stopped by the hospital to see Mary and the new baby and things were pretty quiet there. Apparently the baby doesn't like his new environment and has chosen to just sleep all day, and pretend he's still inside the womb. Mary said he hadn't been up since they brought him in (at 9:00 a.m.) and it was around 2:00 when we got there. We left at 3:00 p.m. and he still wasn't awake, no matter how much Sara and I jiggled him. I tried everything short of throwing him on the floor (and I didn't think Mary would appreciate that so I refrained). Even Mary wanted him up...first of all he hadn't been fed at all...nothing since the middle of the we all know Mary's not going to get much sleep tonight. She and the baby are suppose to be coming home Wednesday so then the real fun begins for her. Since Brian is off work for the winter, I have chosen to leave them alone and let them deal with baby, Solomon and C.J. themselves. They know where I am and I can help at a moment's notice, but feel they need to get use to being a family of 5 now. So I'm concentrating on Salty Yarns and needlework. Oh, I almost forgot. I finished Shepherd's Bush, "Scatter Luck" on the drive home. That's the 2nd project finished in a week and Just Nan's Bunny piece is almost I'm feeling very good. It's so nice to finish things, however, we all know that means I now have to get them framed or whatever I'm doing with them. There's my problem. I'll keep you posted. Right now I want to get the Nashville stuff on the web site. Have a great day!

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