Monday, February 15, 2010

It was like Superbowl Sunday all over again!

Due to the snow blizzard we had over the Superbowl Weekend, our local stitchers were unable to get into the shop, but they more than made up for it yesterday. Ellen Sweeney had e-mailed during the week to say that she and Connie would be joining us to stitch and updated that e-mail later in the week with news that Beth, Jennifer and Hedy would also be in. So gathered in the shop yesterday around the tables Sara put up were Beth Stephens & Beth Jernigan, Jennifer, Hedy, Ellen, Connie, Greg, Candi and Linda, who spent the day with us stitching and shopping. Of course we do nothing without food so with the "heads- up" from Ellen, Sara made a pot of Leek and Potato of our all time favorites. Greg brought in a big loaf of rustic bread and the other stitchers brought in fruit, crackers and spreads, cookies, pretzels, oh, my it was a food extravaganza once again. I just love these spreads. Anyway, we stitched, talked, ate all day, and Sara, Bless her heart, cut fabric all day. The first picture shows Beth Stephens on the left, Beth Jernigan on the right, Ellen trying to turn away so her picture wasn't taken and Linda shopping in the background. Connie should have been in the empty chair but was walking around. The second picture shows Greg and Candi (blue top) with Jennifer looking like a deer caught in the headlights. And joining us at some point was Stacy Stinson and her mother Caroline. It was another grand and glorious day at Salty Yarns. My day started off beautifully when Sara got to the shop with a Valentine's gift for me. Shown on the right is the "gift in a gift". A Orleans Carpenter shaker handled carrier which I had admired when she ordered some a couple of years ago. The size is so cute...smaller than the usual shaker piece. Anyway, in the carrier was the stitched gift which is the beautiful Harvest Needleroll from Dinky Dyes, with a few modifications by Sara (Cherish a Mother's Love...couldn't you just cry). We had both loved this piece when it came into the shop and Sara grabbed one to stitch (I thought for herself), and I took one to stitch for her (of course I haven't done it yet). She got too busy to finish it for Christmas (this happens to both of us) so said she'd get it finished later. Well, yesterday was later and I couldn't be more thrilled. She did such a wonderful job of finishing. The perfect fabric lining (thanks Debbie, Phyllis and Staci for your input). I'm telling you, all the finishing classes with Jane Timmer and Lauren Sauer are really paying off. The finishing was impeccable. She even did a strawberry fob...well done! I'm so proud of her and so excited that I get to keep this piece. Yes I had a wonderful Valentine's Day shared with friends and family. And that brings us to Nashville. Sara and I, God willing, will be pulling out tomorrow to start our journey to the Nashville Market. This is always an exciting time for us, never more so since this year we have the added excitement of Mary giving birth at any given moment. Anyway, we've had a few e-mails with requests so we have a game plan in motion. I better have my "P.F. Fliers" on to get my butt in gear quickly as we have several rooms we have to get to in a hurry to make sure we get some of the specials they are showing on the Internet. You would think that with the extra week we got this year (Nashville is a week later) and all the snow days I was stuck at home I would have done the laundry, packed the suitcase, but have I? I think we all know the answer to that one. So I'm sure tonight I will be up all night trying to get things in order. I like having the house completely straight before I leave, just in case I die on route I don't want anyone coming in and thinking I was a slob (yea, like I'd really care at that point...but for some reason I seem to). It's like wearing clean underwear in case you are in an accident. Clean the apartment in case you die. God forbide in death I be embarrassed or embarrass the family. (Good Lord, I am not only my mother but now I'm my grandmother. ) Anyway, today Sara and I will be working in overdrive trying to get everything done, and not forget anything we need. You can bet I'll have my camera and my computer with let's hope I can figure out how to get on line. Anyway, stitchers, I'll keep you posted. Have a great day and I pray you don't get too much snow in the storm heading our way today....for once I'm praying for rain.


Lee said...

Have a fun and safe trip Sally!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy pictures and reading about the happenings in the shop.