Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

We have finally gotten back on track, well as far as opening the shop is concerned. We opened back up on Friday and the day was just gorgeous. It's a little cold down here for me, but the sun is shining everyday so that's a good thing. We are still dealing with piles of snow, plus the Town of Ocean City does a lousy job of snow fact I've only seen a plow moving on my street 2 times and they didn't really get the snow or ice off the side streets and the alleys are a danger to drive down...I'm certainly glad my taxes, of which there are a lot, are being used to make my life easier. The ramp in front of our shop (which isn't the city's problem) has approximately 8 inches of snow still sitting on it, over a layer of ice, so Friday Sara picked up a shovel and began to deal with it. She carved a path to the boardwalk (this is the city's problem and they've done a lousy job...I'm not even sure I'd say they've done anything) you still have to climb over the mound the city hasn't bothered to deal with. Our sidewalks still have 10 inches of snow sitting on them, I'm telling you it's not a good thing down here. And while there is a lot of melting going's not the mounds or the sidewalks, or the ice that is being melted. You may still see the remnants of the snow when you come in the summer. Anyway, I found some more pictures of the stitcher's in their pj's in the shop during the blizzard so I'm posting you see Sara and Michael who joined the stitchers. Notice I never get in the pictures...that's a good thing. I also forgot to show the gift I received from Staci Buhrman...she always makes Sara and I the most remarkable gifts, both inside and out done beautifully. In the red tin, don't you just love the tin..a gift in itself...Staci put her wildly popular pretzel/caramel/chocolate candy/cookies? Yummo!!! Needless to say my tin is now empty. And the other picture showing the pad and the huge beeswax thread keeper which were the "goodie bag contents given by Debbie, Phyllis and Staci to all the stitchers who were at the retreat. We have such warm memories of last weekend even though we were sitting through a blizzard. So thanks Stitchers...we appreciated your presence and the warm fuzzies you provided. Also thanks to Debbie, Phyllis and Staci for the gifts you gave, I'm enjoying them all! With all the time inside I have managed to finish the Jeannette Douglas "My Stitcher's Treasure" Box and will get up a picture eventually (I still have to add the charms and the name so I'm technically not finished). I finished the "Pear Tree" which is also shown here. I stitched it over one on 28 count and it's adorable. I find I love everything done over 1, however, I don't stitch everything over 1. But ornaments are so cute done that way. Anyway, I hope to do the finishing once I get back from Nashville. In the spirit of finishing UFO's I pulled the piece down that was suppose to be Sara's 2007 Christmas gift but since I never finished it I never could give it to her. So I finally pulled it off the shelf and finished it. Not as good as I would have liked to, but finished none the less. The little chest of drawers came with the little shaker like pin cushion, and then I decided each drawer needed to hold a treasure so I made a scissor sheath for the Sajou Tortoise Shell scissors for a drawer and then a couple of pieces of shrimshaw for the final drawer. I plan to present it to Sara today as part of her Valentine's gift. As any stitcher's a thrill to finish a UFO. Sara's gift was stitched back in 2007...and then just sat here. I kiss it good-bye today thrilled to see it go out the door. Right now I'm still working on the Quaker Christmas and I will see it finished in a few weeks, I hope. But with Nashville looming, it's being put on the back burner. I take Pine Mountain pieces and Bent Creek's 18 ct. kits with me to stitch in the car. Although the piece I finished on the trip to the October Retreat in Hilton Head I've yet to find. I remember I stuck the finished piece in with a chart or kit I took with me and can't find it. If I didn't have the frame that came with it sitting on my shelf I would be questioning whether or not I really did it. So this time I've got to be really vigilant once I've finished something. I will probably take the Quaker Christmas to stitch in the room, but once we get some of the Nashville stash back in the rooms, Sara and I start picking out projects so who knows what I'll actually work on. We hope to leave on Tuesday, however, with the next snow storm looming over us...due to hit on Monday night...well who knows when we'll get out of here. Plus we have the baby looming...and while Mary scheduled the C Section for the day after we return from know how the best made plans turn out! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes according to my plan.... Anyway, I needed to blog to let everyone know we're here, we're working, we finished getting mail orders out yesterday so if you haven't received yours yet, keep an eye out as it should be there this week. We had a great turnout for the Superbowl sale with so many e-mails and web site orders so Sara and I want to thank all the stitchers for their participation. We love you stitchers, and we hope that all those you love let you know it today with gifts, a phone call, dinner out, dinner cooked by someone else...anything special and jewelry wouldn't hurt. Have a great day and I pray that there is no snow in any of our future for the remainder of the winter. Betsy Cole asked that I never pray for snow again, so I am following her request. I am now praying I win the Powerball...I hope I have as much luck with that as I had with my snow request. Have a Super Day!

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