Sunday, March 1, 2009

We're going to need an Ark if this keeps up...

While the rest of you are getting snow, we are once again getting nothing but rain, and it's been raining for what seems like 2 days, off and on however, today it's done nothing but rain. I've had several of you e-mail me to taunt me with the news that you are getting my the rain is really becoming depressing for me. I need a day off and can only take it now if it snows...please, please, let it snow...I'm not asking for a miracle of 8 inches, I'm only asking that it snow...1 inch is enough for me, hell a dusting will satisfy me...I just want SNOW!!!! With the rain and the cold the shop was less than busy, however, we did have a morning visit from 2 of our favorite people, Linda W. and her daughter Candi stopped by to chat and let me see what they are working on now. Candi is busy with a Shepherd's Bush project, the Acorn Box from Milady's Needle and a Waxing Moon snowman while Linda is busy working on her Sampler Cove pattern to go into the Casket. She also picked up the final section of the Crescent Colour "From Sea to Shining Sea." These ladies are truly turbo charged, fast, and faster. After they left we had a couple more shoppers but most of the afternoon it was Sara and myself stitching and watching a movie. Yes, I was suppose to be working on the taxes but I kept falling asleep while I was reconciling the last bank statement and hitting the wrong keys which kept erasing the work I'd already done, so I finally said the hell with it. I took the rest of the day off and worked on the beaded project I had in the shop. Oh, by the way, finished the Heart's Content "Sampler Bits" pin cushion clamp and my 6th stocking (Blackbird) so people I'm up to date on the stockings...of course I have to finish 3 more in March (so I'll start the 7th one tomorrow)...this is a race I intent to win. (Of course with each stocking only taking 1 day it's really not that big a race) And I am thrilled to say many of you have the same agenda. These leaflets have become our best selling leaflets since Nashville. So it's a journey I'm not taking by myself but with many of you so it makes it more fun. I can't wait to start my 7th stocking. OH My God...I just walked out to the living room, noticed a rounded white object and realized it was my car covered with snow. So while I have been in here whining like an 8 year old about no Theresa W. I too will be sitting here stitching and watching movies all day tomorrow.. To hell with taxes...O.K., maybe not hell, but IRS you can wait one more day (can't you please.) Goodnight to you tomorrow while I'm sitting at home stitching.

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