Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My internet is back, My internet is back...

That's right, I've been without internet connection since Saturday. I was so desparate that yesterday I took my computer to work so I could post the blog....but of course once I got it connected at the office I then had 2 computers working and I can tell you I'm not smart enough for that. First there was no room for 2 so I sat my new one on top of my closed old lap top and worked in the new computer for internet e-mail, etc., and used the other one for letters, checks, etc. The only problem was I couldn't keep the keyboards (my old computer has a regular keyboard attached) straight...I kept typing on the keyboard and couldn't understand why the new computer wasn't taking the information and then realized I was on-line and not on the computer attached to the keyboard. This didn't happen just once either, this went on all day. I've never been so confused in my life..or at least it felt that way. So today I got up and cleaned up the house (can't let anyone see a mess) and left work early to meet the repairman. I even dusted...oh, yea, I was ready and mother would have been proud (well, she would be semi proud because she wouldn't have understood why it wasn't dusted and picked up normally)...Anyway, after about a 1/2 of trying to figure out why we had 6 cable lines coming into the building he got me up and running again. Whoppee!!!! What's even more of a whoppee....while cleaning out one of my old totes, I found my camera, unfortunately my Merry Cox piece nor my other missing pieces were hiding out with it. The search continues. I finished my Shepherd's Bush "Liberty" piece. But hit the wall and didn't put many stitches in my Little House Project, I don't know what it is since I do love this piece, but my mind is already wandering to "with Liberty finished which project can I start." O.K, I realized Wednesday morning I really didn't know where my phone was but since the phone is unimportant to me unless I need it, I forget about it, and then when I got to work I called my number to see if it was hidding in the recesses of my purse and was shocked when it was answered by a man. At first I thought I had to wrong number, apologized and hung up. I dialed again and was again met with a man's "hello"...so I said, "Excuse me but is this #########, and he said, yes it is but it's not my phone. I must have picked it up at the meeting this morning...to which I said, "no you picked it up out of my house last night when you were here working on the internet connection. At the same time you left your tool bag here." So while I was at work and had to return home to retrieve his bag (as he wanted it then and there,) and I also wanted my phone back, I at least found my phone. There seems to be a conspiracy afloat that all my stuff if walking in and out of the house....but I'm slowly getting it all back and putting in plain sight so I don't lose it again...well, so at least I know where it is before I lose it again. Vernon Update: he worked for a couple of hours yesterday and is hobbling around a little bit more, but it's still very painful. As for the other two men, well, insurance, and attorneys are now on the case so I haven't a clue. For now I will just pray for speedy recoveries for everyone. SURVIVOR UPDATE: well, last nights show was total crap...Sara had warned me that it was a recap (like I need that) of the previous weeks, but they kept saying "New" to rope us in and like everyone else, even though I swore I wouldn't watch a recap I sat there, too lazy to change a channel or move to put a movie in. Next time I swear they won't suck me in. I will say I can't wait for Coach to get what's coming to him. I've seldom seen anyone with an ego his size and there is absolutely no follow through. Has he done anything on challenges? NO! In fact on the last challenge I never even saw him compete ... where the hell was he? Anyway, I've got to get to work so I'll say goodbye for now.

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