Thursday, March 12, 2009

My week just got a lot worse!

Yesterday I left work early (3:30 pm) so I could get the mail orders and mail in on time and then went to my favorite store, Walmart. I left $200 lighter but thrilled I had new movies, etc. (I am proud to say I purchased only 1 piece of clothing on sale for $5.00 ..can't beat that). Anyway, I noticed my phone was missing...thought I left it at work and thought hell I don't need it so I went home. I was back in my bathroom getting out of the sweater I wore to work, thinking a cold spell was coming (didn't they say it was going to get cold again), and I was down to bra and pants (such a nice look on me) when I thought I heard someone say Sally. (I've got to get the keys to my apartment back from everyone.) Anyway, I ducked into my closet grabbed the first thing I saw (yes, even prettier than what I wore to work) and went out to find Brian, Mary's husband. He said, "Mary called to tell you that you need to call Sara...It's an emergency." Now that could have meant she was out of onions and needed to borrow one, or we had a full blown emergency. Having never had that call before I thought I'd better respond. So Brian allowed me to use his phone and I couldn't get her to answer either phone. So I redressed into something I wouldn't mind being caught dead in (summer clothes with flip flops this time since I was in a hurry and it was 75 degrees here). Anyway, Brian called Mary to see if she knew anything and all she would say was "accident, fell through the roof, 3 people hurt, 4 ambulances, MOSH and police on scene." My heart just dropped as I imagined the worst case scenerio. I rushed to the hotel to find Sara and John standing beside the police taped off area around the luggage lift. One man was air lifted to Shock Trauma in Baltimore while Vernon and the other man were taken to PRMC in Salisbury. Apparently, Vernon and the 2 inspectors were on the luggage lift on the third floor when it fell to the ground. While I'm thankful no one died, and I'm hopeful everyone walks away from this eventually, I feel heartsick, concerned, anxious and disheartened. There is no joy right now and I don't know when there will be again. Vernon was the luckiest only sustaining one broken bone in his ankle. The other gentlemen in PRMC had a broken leg and broken bones in his foot. The gentlemen in Shock Trauma was sitting up last night for which I'm relieved, however, he does have bleeding in his brain and something going on with pain in his side and a leg issue. The gentlemen involved, the owner and family of the hurt men, has been extremely nice to us and not screaming and yelling, and threating to us, for which I'm grateful, but 2 days of MOSH is draining and we're not done with them yet (will we ever be), to say nothing of the rest of the insurance crap we will now have to be faced I'm sure lawsuits will follow. Oh, and when I saw Sara on the way to the hospital she informed me that after trying to get me on my cell numerous times, the girl behind the customer service desk at Walmart answered to say I'd left the phone in a cart (it fell out of my purse apparently but I'm surprised I didn't see it), but anyway I picked it up on the way to the hospital so that was a plus. But today isn't a great day for us, as we are all concerned about the 2 men injured...we not concerned about Vernon since he is home and on the mend, and I'm not sure when we will have a good day after this. On the plus side, I did visit with Renee who was sitting up and taking notice after her back surgery and she feels that she doesn't have as much pain in her leg, however, her back pain has not been lessoned. Greenie, her husband fell and broke a bone in his ankle and a bone in his hand 2 days ago so they are now both laid up in the living room. I went over it was likethe scene from "Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory"...Renee's got a bed in the den where they sit, and Greenie is laid back in his chair. But at least she's feeling better and thinks she will be back at work next month, when we open 7 days a week again. So I'm trying to just focus on that today and let the rest fall where it may. So I can't be funny today. FYI: Survivor is on tonight.


Carol B. said...

Hi Sally -

I saw the news report on WBAL this morning and my heart just went out to you and Sara. I am so sorry that you are going through this and I pray for speedy recovery for all of the men. Hang in there - sending good thoughts from Baltimore that all of the legal/insurance crap gets settled without causing you too much pain and hardship....

Take care -

Carol B.

Miche Reps said...

Just heard and told Debbie and our thoughts and prayer are with you!

Dina Z.

Shiela said...


My heart goes out to you. I just found this out this morning and I just can't imagine what you are going through. Know first that our thoughts and prayers go out to you and everyone involved. Always, always remember that if there is anything we can do, please let us know. Please take care of yourself through this and let your family know that we are praying for them as well.

Shiela F.

Kate said...

My heart dropped when I read this. My thoughts are with you and everyone involved.