Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another Snow Day?

I wasn't going to take a 2nd snow day...I mean how long can I milk this...but after looking at the road, sidewalk, etc., and seeing the thick sheet of ice I had to ask myself...Can I afford a broken hip at this point?...and clearly the answer to that question is no...so consequently...we're taking another snow day. Am I sad, hell no, I'm more than thrilled with a 2nd snow day, however, I must be productive today, something I so clearly wasn't yesterday. I did a full day of stitching...I'm not going to even act like I cleaned or anything else. I did do one load of wash, and I did make some chocolate covered strawberries and cookies...but that was selfish because I also ate them...and were they good. I started out my free morning with one of my speciaties, eggs benedict...and so my day started out perfectly. Then I put in a dvd movie and off I went, stitching and watching movies...oh, my the dvd player seems to be calling me...I must not fall pray to this again, I must get some work done. Poor Vernon is out there chipping ice off my steps and the sidewalk....too late I've called a snow day....but I will be grateful tomorrow because I can't take another snow day. My accountants are screaming for the taxes...darn Uncle Sam...I hate getting that crap together....but I will...and for what I don't know since I know 11 years from now they will be hounding me once again for the same damn records I've already sent them. But I digress....I did get a lot of work done on my stitching...oh, today perhaps another stocking....oops, I digress again...I worked on my Quaker christmas (I can't believe I haven't put this aside yet) and found that I didn't really cut the fabric large enough (I usually cut way bigger to make sure...clearly this didn't happen this time) and now it's coming pretty close to the edge so I might have to cut some of the design off....which in Quaker doesn't really matter, however, I might have no choice...and this really aggravates me, but I'm not going to throw away all the work I've done at this point. I also started the Little House "She Sells Seashells" ....this is so Ocean City. When I was a child (it's hard to remember that far back) we use to sell shells, comic books, pot holders, whatever we had...on the boardwalk every summer and thank God, parents would come by and purchase things for their children...of course I'm sure they were just being nice and I use to do the same thing when I became a parent..but kids aren't allowed to do that anymore. Merchants complained that they were drawing business away from them...can you believe that. Although I do have to say, some of the foreign business owners started sending their children out with merchandise from the store and tried selling it and the end result became no one can sell on the boards....so that charming little bit of Ocean City ended. We put Michael out there when he was around 5 with shells he had collected (not a whole shell in the bunch....)and a police scared the bejesus out of him so that was the end of that for Michael. And the kids who use to sell snow cones....the guy from the Alaska Stand complained they were taking business away from him so they were shut down. 3 kids, shaving ice (you can imagine how long it took them) would put the Alaska Stand stand out of business...unbelievable. I'm ashamed of some of the adults here...but that's the way things go here. How the heck did I get on this topic from a snow day. Anyway, I tried to be productive, aside from stitching, but I couldn't make myself do it. I moved all the stitching out of the living room wall unit, but then never got it put away in my new stitching room....today perhaps, although I doubt it. I need beautiful containers to put it in instead of just stacking it in the bottom. Yes, I need to get to the store for some containers. (this is where I go wrong everytime. I think I can't do it until I get containers and then it just doesn't get done properly ever). The containers which I have now I used for the floss, and overdyes...so that makes me think containers are the way to go. It looks so nice on the shelving. Organization...that's the key. Crap...I'm going to stitch and watch movies...perhaps I'll come back later, but just in case...Have a great day.