Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Those housewives get crazier by the minute.....

Got home early from Stitch 'n Bitch...apparently American Idol and Housewives of New York were calling their names, anyway, we had a productive meeting...all the girls were there and stitching did take place. And even though Connie forgot it was her month for food, we managed to find a couple of the left over cakes from Michael's birthday last weekend and salvaged the evening with delicious cake and soda. We don't ask for much...just something. Anyway, 3 of the girls were working on their Blackbird Design stockings...Joyce has finished 2 and is almost finished with her 3rd. Everyone agrees that I was right on the money regarding fast and easy. Linda W. was busy on her Sampler Cove Casket which she's determined to have done for the Spring Retreat, while Candi, her daughter, was busy with her Shepherd's Bush sampler (she's almost done) and Candi did finish her Milady's Needle acorn box top and scissor fob (done on 40 ct.) and brought that in to show and tell. A couple of the girls worked on their Lauren Sauer class piece and Sara and I talked (I never seem to sew although I bring my work in...can't figure it out). Then when I got home I tuned into Housewives of New York. Unbelievable...do these people hear themselves. I once said that I thought Bethenny was the normal one. Well, I was wrong...she's as crazy as the rest of them. Tonight we were informed that Bethenny was invited to be on the cover of a socialite magazine. O.K., it's an honor I suppose that they asked her to be on the cover...and where did they find her you ask...dancing on the table in a bar! Now that's class people...yea, real class. And the editor of the magazine looked into the camera and had the nerve to say, "If you were not in her magazine she felt sorry for you since it was the place to be." Well, I say back to you, "If I have to dance on the table top perhaps it's not the best magazine to be shown in." These ladies get cheaper by the minute. Lou Ann, oops the Countess, suggested that some heavy air brushing must have taken place which made Bethenny mad so she invited the Countess to join her for lunch to discuss the slide comment, and Bethenny must have said the same thing 30 times. Not only was the Countess sick of hearing it, so was I. As many times as Bethenny said she was over it, she obviously was not! Geez, get over yourself already! And then Bethenny looks into the camera and says she knows people are envious of her because her life is so wonderful...uhh, you are dancing on tables for attention, you are hanging out with the bitchest, self obsorbed, narcisistic people on earth and you think we are jealous. I speak for all stitchers out there who say, your life is pitiful...you girls need to grab a needle and start doing something productive. Speaking of which, Lou Ann (I'm going to refuse to call her the Countess since I don't feel she represents royalty the way they would want...and of course I would know what they want...the queen calls me often)...asks the girls to help her in one of her charities...a home where cancer victims can stay while getting treatment in N.Y. O.K. on the outside this looks like a charitible thing to do...however, as only these jackasses could do...they get in a fight as they are making a meal for the ladies staying there, in front of the ladies who are in chemo and I'm sure not feeling all that well, and the night becomes about Ramona telling Lou Ann her husband looks old. I mean are you kidding. There are people here (and having to listen to this crap) having life and death issues and the entire evening becomes about the age of one of the husbands of this pathetic group? Please...get over yourselves already! And then my favorites to hate...Simon and Alex who have lived in their townhouse for 3 years with the house in shambles and as they are speaking with the person they hired to do renovations finally they have the nerve to say they were "feeling the rhythm of the house" before doing the renovations. The rest of us would have said we were trying to get enough money together to do renovations...but not Alex and Simon. What I loved was when the contractor asked about the water damage on the ceiling and Alex and Simon both said, "oh it only leaks when it rains." It's that kind of brilliance I've come to expect from these two idiots. You know, my roof only leaked when it rained too...that's why we had to have it replaced. And she's insisting that they construct built- in bookcases because....she wants to load them with Shakespeare and Dickens so that her boys (have you seen these monsters) will be able to just get a book and sit there and read. O.K., Alex, let me give you a clue about those two boys you are raising...they aren't going to sit and read anything...they are precocious, obnoxious, ill mannered children who will kill you in your sleep. You should be constructing a safe room where you and Alex can sleep to insure your safety. But the real icing on the cake was Alex and Simon's pool in their backyard which they are so proud of because if you lived in New York you wouldn't have one.....it's a plastic blow up pool people. Now don't get me wrong, I'd buy one and use it in my backyard...no problem...but we're talking about these two idiots that think they are the next best thing to Donald Trump. Paying $8,000 on clothes on camera (and I'm sure they return it off camera). But the pool about did it for me...I don't know who they think will be impressed with this but then that did give them one more chance to show off in their bathing suits. You know these women watch themselves on t.v. so you have to ask if they are in touch with the reality of this show. If this is what you are really like, you need professional help. The most delicious news however, is the news about the latest housewife. While on line yesterday I read about her latest news...now this is the newest housewife, Kelly, who just joined this regal band of idiots...I really thought she was a bit reserved the first time she was on because she realized these rag tag band of idiots were idiots and was wondering what she'd gotten herself into...however, apparently she's no better than they are. She was arrested for assaulting her boyfriend. Put in jail...oh, yes...a new idiot to add to the group already in place. Now she can fight for air time. Crap....I woke up a little early, around 3:30 and decided to get some stitch time in...and so I turned on T.V. and found that as bad as early morning T.V. is (mostly infomercials) today there is nothing but the blank screen except for the shopping channels (whoppee) and the local information channel. What the hell is this about. And they tore down the building next door so everytime I go in my kitchen (which unfortunately is often) I keep seeing street lights which makes me wonder what the hell is going on (I continually forget there is no longer a house between my building and the street.) I admit I'm going slightly senile....new experiences every day, unfortunately not all of them are good.

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