Friday, March 6, 2009

My snow days have ended with a bang!

Yes, I'm back at work after having 2 snow days which put me further behind. My office looks like I just took every piece of paper for 2 years and just threw them on my desk. I'm buried under this huge pile and feel like I'll never get out from under. But I'm going to do the best I can and hope it magically disappears, of course then Mary will pick up the mail and I'll be under again. Anyway, as many of you know I prayed to the God's of Survivor last night, one of my guilty pleasures. I haven't said much about Survivor this season, because it's a little boring right now. I felt the same way last year in the beginning but as the players started throwing each other under the bus it became a lot more interesting last year so I'm hoping that will happen this season as well. Right now they are jockeying for position, but haven't really gotten serious. Last night Sandy was kicked off, well she couldn't be surprised, or should I say shouldn't have been surprised since she was kicked out of the group before the game started. You just know that once the player looks at the camera and says with a straight face, "I think I'm in a pretty good position...I've bonded with these people" she should make sure she's packed her bag because her ass if out of there. The player, at this point, I'd most like to see go home is Coach. This is another arrogant asshole who feels he is such a joy that everyone is going to love having him on their team. Yet, for all his posturing, I haven't seen him do anything to warrant this kind of devotion. All he talks about is what a great job he would do if he was in charge, I mean that's what he does, he coaches. Thankfully, his team doesn't see it and voted for someone else to lead them to victory. Which is a good thing as Coach has yet to come up with a winning strategy except vote for him as leader. Everytime he faces the camera and talks about what a strong leader he is I want to gag and of course I know it won't be long before his behind will be walking the path of humiliation. I can't wait. But in the meantime...I need some action here people...I need catfights, dogfights, fights of any kind...I live through this (how pathetic is that) and watching people make such gigantic asses of themselves only confirms what I've known all along..."there are people more pathetic than myself," and I need that affirmation daily, especially around tax time. But enough of Survivor for now...As we go into another weekend, the weathermen are telling us we are going to have warm temperatures...which will be a needed relief after the snow and freezing temps of the past week. So I'm excited for the weekend because I know my "peeps" will be coming in. The only poor souls who ventured in last weekend was Stacy S. on Friday to pick up the "Le Petit Sampler" for the Delaware Guild, Sandy J. and Carolyn who came with her and on Sunday in the storm came Candi W. and Linda W. brave souls that they were. But with warmer temps, I'm expecting to see more of you. My little Michael is celebrating his 8th birthday tonight and I put myself in charge of the birthday cake. I purchased one of those giant cupcake pans and thought I'd make him a giant cupcake. I should have practiced this before last night apparently as I was unsure about so many things. I made the batter and then was unsure how much to pour into each part of the pan...there is the swirled top and the botton. The girls had said, "don't fill it to the top because it will rise", duh, am I an idiot? I knew that much, but just how full should I make it? Well, perhaps I was a little to focused on watching Survivor, but the first mistake (O.K., the first mistake was putting me in charge of cakes) was not moving the top rack out of the oven, since the cake rose and was cooking the upper rack inside the top...fortunately I looked and grabbed the rack so while it ripped the top, the cake was salvagable. (O.K., that might be an exaggeration)...anyway, I cooked the damn thing and then did my autopsy...I mean evaluation. I knew I would be shaving off the top anyway to make it even which is why I didn't worry about it, however, apparently I should have worried about the amount of batter in the top portion as it didn't rise like the bottom and didn't fill up the cavity enough so my top (certainly not my top but the cake top) didn't get as big as it should have. The bottom is fine (as long as I shave off the rounded part) but when you put the top on the bottom it it doesn't resemble a cupcake so much as a stubby pencil. But the even bigger problem to me is the size. This is an oversized cupcake, but it's small. And while it does contain the same amount of batter as a regular's small. Perhaps to others it would look alright, however, it's small....while this might feed 2 people...I can't see it feeding the normal family...have I mentioned it's small. Well I haven't looked at it today, perhaps overnight it's puffed out and looks bigger, but I doubt it. Thank God for bakeries....because that's where I'm headed before work. An 8 year old won't know the difference....after all he's looking for gifts more than cakes...and Sara and Mary will just shake their heads and laugh anyway, as that is what I was put on this earth for...their I will have fulfilled my destiny. Yes, I can die a happy person. And I've got bigger problems than Michael's cake anyway. I'm in the fight of my life with that damn seagull again. Honestly, this bastard is getting bigger by the day, and making my life a living hell. I don't care what strength trash bag I get, steel inforced or otherwise this rodent pecks it until it relents and rips. And when I go out there this seagull just looks at me and dares me to approach him. I'm cussing at him, he's giving me the evil eye...and I think I'm losing the battle. I mentioned poisoning him (O.K. it's illegal, but necessary) to Mary but she just looked at me like "what the hell is the matter with's a bird." so I can see she's not going to help me. I don't know why she isn't aggravated since she's having to pick up Solomon's dirty diapers out of the street (I'm hoping that if I don't do it anymore she'll get as mad as I am.) Anyway, I need a seagull repellent...if anyone knows of one please let me know...or I'm going to have a showdown with one big ass bird soon. He's the size of a dog, and I'm not saying a little dog...this bird is huge...I do believe he's surpassed dog size...perhaps he's nearing horse size, O.K., that was a bit much but he's huge, cocky, sort of like Simon on N.Y. Housewives. He's extremely confident, about what I do not know, but still an asshole. O.K., I think I might have gone too far with this bird, but I think you see where I'm coming from. Meanwhile I've got to hit the bakery. So I'm signing off for now...have a great day....get some stitching in...oh, yea, I finished my 7th stockings folks...yes, 7 and 2 more to go and I'll be up to date. Are you with me on this? I know some of you are because I've already sent out your let's do this together. I'm not sure why but let's do it and see where it takes us.

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