Monday, March 9, 2009

Is it summer?

It sure felt like it yesterday when the temperatures soared to around 70 here by the ocean, which is usually a lot cooler than inland. I'm telling you people were in shorts and flip flops. It was such a strange week with a major snow storm on Monday and 60 degrees in less than 7 days. We sure did appreciate the warm weather especially with some of "my peeps" here. Sunday started with our having to say good bye to our peeps, but Stacy S. sat with us and stitched along with 2 of our other peeps, Candi W. and her mother Linda W. We had such fun with Candi's enthusiasm and coming up with ideas of projects to put together during Jane Timmer's class in a couple of weeks. For those taking that class you can either put 2 pieces of linen together or you can bring in a 3 x 3 inch design and use it. I'd much rather stitch a design and bring it in so I will be taking a finished project home. Before the day was over we also saw Carolyn and Lou, Carolyn is my finisher, and you know I had my Black Bird stockings with me so she now has them and they are being finished. Last night, by the way, I did finish stocking #8 so tonight #9 will be done and then I'm up to date. Phyllis Y. finished 2 stockings while she was here this weekend. Joyce C. called and she is stitching them like crazy and I'm sure she too will be done her 9 this month. Janet S., who purchased the patterns while she was in on Saturday e-mailed me to give me the title for this marathon stitching of stockings, "The Biggest Top Housewives Project 36 stockings Survivor of the Greatest Race Marathon" and folks the race is on. While I may be ahead right now, I'm going to start falling behind as the summer approaches. But right now I feel like top dog, and I'm enjoying it. And for all the peeps that showed up over the weekend ... Thanks we had a fun weekend with everyone. It's always fun to get together to stitch. I even stitched with the girls...yea, fun weekend. Our Kay F. had her foot operated on again so this is a shout out to Kay and we'll miss you at Stitch 'n Bitch Tuesday night. However, we look forward to Jackie joining the group after recuperating from her operation. (Goodness we are in bad shape at this Stitch 'n Bitch). AMAZING RACE UPDATE: What I find interesting about the "RACE" is that we can see what each team does wrong so we are privy to inside information while those in the actual race have no idea if they are ahead, in the middle or behind. Each week it appears that one team just can't seem to get the directions straight or figure out a clue and I'm amazed when they appear at the end and are still in the game the next week. Last night proved no different. At the first detour of stacking piles of wood, I was certain a couple of the teams would not be able to regroup, however, they all seemed to regroup except the stunt men. Each week their continuation of the race seems doomed to failure and then someone else makes a mistake and the stunt men continue. Last night I was certain they were going home when their wood stacking talents were lacking and then they couldn't find a sign they needed to locate to finish their task. Of course we know where it is and I can never figure out why the contestants fail to locate it since it is so easy to see (especially since the camera's give us a close up of it). But last night the contestants worked together to locate it finally and the father and son team found the sign they all moved on. What really amazed me was who answered the question of Russian author. They were given the letters of his name during one of the detours and they had to put them in order. I thought this would be easy when they were given the letter, sort of trial by error if nothing else. I'm not sure when I knew who Chekov was, but feel it was in high school...I could be wrong here though and it could have been in college. But anyway, each team that said, I don't know any Russian Authors just made me cringe and pray no other countries bothered to watch this program. Do we continually have to look so stupid to anyone watching this? I have to say, for the first time ever...the contestants aren't as rude (yet) to the cab drivers in this game as they usually are. I am curious why the stuntmen didn't have enough taxi fare when everyone else did and everyone is given the same amount of money to begin with. Have they been eating out at restaurants while everyone else slept? And why do contestant's always try to give the drivers they can't pay shoes, jackets and watches like these people don't have those already in sizes that clearly fit them. The stuntmen are small people and try to get the cabbie to take their coats, which clearly wouldn't fit the cabbie anyway. I will be shocked if the stuntmen make it through next week. Clearly there are many obstacles in their way, including their size. Well good luck's been fun watching you. And the stewardess' that I made fun of earlier.....they came in first. Finally they were able to use their expertize to get ahead...go girls! I still don't think they'll make it to the end. Fun watching though. Oh, my I have to get to work....have a great day! Try to fit in some stitching.

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