Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Peeps came down, My Peeps came down,

Not only did the sun and warmer temperatures show up, but three of my Peeps came down as well for the weekend. Thursday afternoon. 3 of our favorite people arrived bag and baggage for the weekend, Debbie L., Phyllis Y., and Stasi B. Friday as I was sitting in the shop, they arrived with their Peep pins on (so cute) and carrying a box of my favorite Peeps. which will be hard since they have been named (each peep carried the name of some of my favorite peeps who weren't here), but you know as soon as the peeps get hard enough I'm going to chow down. Friday afternoon Stacy S. showed up to join the stitching party. Friday night we moved on up to Sara's to help my Michael celebrate his 8th birthday. He had a grand ole time opening gifts and we had a grand ole time eating our way through the event. Around 9:30 p.m. I announced I had to leave, as my stocking project was calling my name. I am so excited about this, even more so than usual, because so many of you have taken up the challenge and have joined me. Janet S., from the Delaware Valley Guild came by Friday and I saw the 3 charts in her hands and when I commented about it she said she too couldn't resist. Luckily I had the finished (O.K., they aren't really finished and put together, but the stitching is completed) stockings in the store to show Phyllis and Debbie since Phyllis had e-mailed to ask that I pull those for her as soon as they came out, and I believe that Debbie won't be able to resist either once she sees the finished stockings and so everyone got to see that I did indeed have 7 stockings done so far. So Friday night I came home directly after work...didn't visit with the girls..., got situated on the sofa, clicker beside soda (who are we kidding) all set....check....glasses in place...check...floss out, fabric out, chart in place....yes I was ready. I got started and thankfully, because I hadn't gone too far, discovered I had started too high on the fabric which meant it wouldn't fit. No problem, I wasn't that far along so I tore it out. Moved the needle down an inch and began again. Moving along, moving along, and found that I had missed an overdye color which I didn't have in my stash. Oh, drat...O.K., I could use the DMC substitution or I could just pick a color that is close (which I have no problem doing by the way)...however there was a major stumbling block to that solution......I would have had to get my big fat butt off the sofa and walk to my needlework oasis and well, that just wasn't in the cards. At first I frantically checked my other projects still sitting beside the sofa and just couldn't get up the energy for any of them so I decided it was easier just to watch T.V. Another night shot! You know I've take all the totes surrounding my sofa and emptied them, putting the projects neatly in my new "oasis" and yet last night there were 4 of the large mesh bags with projects in them sitting on the floor in front of the sofa. I think these mesh bags are having babies in my house and are also finding a way to walk into my living room and situation themselves beside my sofa. I keep asking myself how could these mesh bags be sitting here when I clearly cleaned up the mess and put them away, and yet, here they are. Is this happening everywhere or is it just a mystery in my house? You might suspect that I found my camera since I've posted some pictures...well, I haven't. I prevailed upon Sara to take the pictures and let me have it for one night to post my "Peeps" pictures and she relented when I promised to return the camera the very next morning. So I'm not typing on the blog on Sunday morning. I missed church (and it wasn't because of the time change either I'm embarrassed to say, but let's just say I was doing a good deed ... and not for I'm hoping to be forgiven by the Big Guy! Well, I've got to get ready for work again. I have to tell you the weather here has improved greatly. It was in the 60's when I left for work yesterday, although on the boardwalk it was decidedly cool, but it was sunny off and on and people were excited. Today it is suppose to be 70...yes, this time last week it was 28 and today it may get to the mid 60's ... oh, I feel summer approaching people...get out those shorts and flip flops. I'll talk to you later, but have a fabulous day.

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Kate said...

Hey! Is this your first post with pictures?? Very nice - I especially like your "peeps".