Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lack of progress...ugh!

Today, Sara worked like a dog ordering supplies and taking inventory while I sat and started a new project.  I set my goals yesterday for finishes this week, and I'm afraid I've gone off the grid.  Last night I was working on the Priscilla's Pocket mini hornbook, over 1 on a dark 36 ct. linen and just couldn't do another stitch....so close and yet so far.  I just didn't want to stitch any more and I'd only been stitching for about 4 hours (of course at work I stitched for about 4 hours with Linda and Candy) but anyway, I knew it wasn't a case of not wanting to stitch, I just was tired of the 36 over 1.  Soooo, I leaned over the multitude of bags sitting beside the sofa and pulled out one of the old (from 2008) kits purchased from Elegant Stitch for a fundraiser for cancer.  2008 people and that isn't even one of my older kits lounging away on my shelves.  We also got our next kit from R & R,  Ladies Prim Society...oh, my Gosh....I don't have time to sleep or help Sara in the shop.  Anyway, I digress...I pulled out Buttons and Blooms (I think that was the name) and it's on a lovely pink linen and I started stitching it.  It was so different because everything I've been stitching on is 36 ct., and all projects are on dark linen and Buttons & Blooms was this light pink and it's a pin cushion so it will be fast, so I enjoyed stitching until 12:30 a.m. at which time I gave up and went to bed.  Today in the shop I started a new piece of canvaswork.  Easy peasy I said to myself I'll have this done before I leave at 4:00.  Something went terribly wrong and I don't even have anyone to blame.  I must have torn out the blue row 3 times at least and the pink I pulled out so much I changed colors (there I was blaming the pink).  As the egg is a specialty stitch piece, so it's interesting and fun...I kept losing my rhythm and was making an ungodly mess of it.  Sara came over and while I was complaining about the colors she said what she always says, "Mom you don't have to use what they did, step out of the box."  5 hours later of my bitching and complaining about colors she said, "Mom, for God's sake just stitch the colors they suggested."  So much for my going out of the box.  In reality I love stitching this....just not the same row 6 times.  I really know I can stitch this in a few hours...I just have to find the flow.  I've arrived home about a hour ago and I finished the Mini Hornbook...or so I thought as I cut it off the roller bars.  As I'm sitting there patting myself on the back I realize I didn't do the nun's stitch finishing.  But I can do that in hand so I'm going to try to finish that tonight...first finish of the week....yippee!  I set the goal and I've got to reach it, however, when I set the goal on Sunday I didn't take into consideration the two new pieces I decided to start.  I am my own worst enemy.  Anyway, as you can see I'm not stitching,since I'm blogging,  so got to go....will keep you posted.  OMG....this is Watchathon week on T.V. ... free HBO, etc., and since I'd rather buy the movies than give the cable company one more penny, I haven't seen everything.  I got hooked on Game of Thrones, Homeland and Boardwalk Empire during last years event.  Then went and bought the DVD's so I can rewatch them.  But this morning as I was planning my day, going to the grocery store, hitting Michael's and Walmart and then back home to do a little housekeeping (as little as possible)...I turned on T.V., hit on demand and OMH I spent the entire day watching Game of Thrones season 3 and stitching.  It would be a great diet, I didn't eat breakfast or lunch until I got up off the sofa to give my butt a rest from sitting and realized it was 1 p.m.  So I grabbed a fast lunch and got back to the show.  Meanwhile, I finished the Buttons and Blooms pin Cushion, the DebBee's Design canvaswork egg and now I'm moving on to the beekeeper.  Meanwhile I haven't gone grocery shopping, to Michael's or Walmart.  Tonight I'll get some solid stitching in again and then hopefully tomorrow I'll pull myself away for a little while.  In the meantime, I'm having the time of my life.  Have a great evening of stitching.

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Debbie Brotzman said...

Can't wait for Spring Retreat!! I'm glad I'm not the only one with projects in my basket that are years and years old. :) I ordered an Elegant Stitch fundraiser piece this year, but one that didn't require stitching, it's a cute little scissor holder and a pair of scissors because who doesn't need another pair of scissors?