Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fun Times.....Spring is here and I'm stitching like a mad woman

I was a finishing fool Thursday night, knowing I had set a goal and wanting to complete the goal.  I had a slight fender bender while leaving Walmart Thursday and was some what bummed about it when I got home and just didn't go near my stitching....until around 7:00 when I knew I would have nothing to bring in to the store if I didn't get on with it.  So I started with the canvas work egg you see first.  (Obviously I haven't put away St. Patrick's Day decorations since my Leprechaun is holding the egg.  Anyway, I have to take back everything I was thinking about wrapping a canvaswork egg  stretched over a Styrofoam form.  I said it was impossible to get it right...I was wrong.  The canvas after being sprayed with water was pliable enough to wrap around the egg.  Unfortunately, the fabric on the back didn't fair as well...but as Sara said, who's looking at the back (no other than the people who come in now to see what I'm talking about.  Anyway, the design is from DebBee's Designs "Easter Parade" which actually has charts for 4 different canvaswork eggs and as well as finishing instructions.  They also have flat back finishing directions.  But it was a fast stitch.  I was slow to begin with (I thought I could get it done at work in one day), but once I got home it flew by.  So this really is a one day project.  I need to do a couple more before my finishing improves, but I love it anyway.  Then it was on to SamSarah's "Carrot Stix."  I've always loved her stitched carrots, but these have no stitching on them at  all, except attaching buttons and are so fast and easy you can get all three done in 1 hour.  The only thing I changed in her directions was....I put the buttons on before stitching the carrot seam.  She instructs you to sew on the buttons after you've finished the construction of the carrot.  My way is so much easier.  But the hardest part for me was the stuffing of the the tip end.  But once I cut down on the amount of fiberfill I was putting in there it got better.  Anyway, these were loads of fun and easy to finish.  I then finished the 2008 Cancer piece, Buttons and Blossoms (I think that's the name) and put it together, made my own cording (I had forgotten how to do that....everyday at my age becomes a moment.)  Then I tackled Priscilla's Pocket Hornbook Button Keep will show it on the next blog since I just deleted it by mistake,  so easy to finish, thank God since it was Midnight and I was about done mentally and physically.  I also managed to put in some time on Beekeeper. I also finished The Beekeeper from Plum Street Samplers so you  know what that means... I get to pick new projects today...whoppee!!!!!  We received Shepherd's Fold know it's in my bag, and Lone Elm called today to say they are shipping the boxes today.  It's a good day people and oh, yes...the Liberty Hill boxes arrived.  So we're in "new stuff" heaven here.  Vera Means and her group are having their retreat in Ocean City this weekend and they started coming in group.  Vera brought in 2 of her pieces and her Halloween piece is gorgeous.  She paints her fabric (she paints the sky a different color than the rest of the piece....stunning)  and it makes a big difference on the finished look.  Fantastic!  Oh, before I forget if you go onto the web site today we had to put in an update and when they told me they were done I went to check it out and as usual there have been some glitches.  Our Just Arrived page usually everything we've received but now it contains only the items we've received in the last couple of days.  The other new items are in the catalog though so you can search there. 
Anyway, I'm going to end here cause I got stitching to get to.  Talk to you tomorrow.


Debbie Brotzman said...

All three nice finishes. That egg is so cool! You've really been on a roll!

Kevin said...

Wow! You really are stitching like crazy there! Must be the Spring weather, right? At least, I hope it's finally warming up there after this winter you've guys had.

Your finishes look GREAT ! I love the egg, and it looks perfect to me. I know you must be busy stitching the new Shepherd's Bush project, and I'm about to log off this iPad and go work on mine as well. Happy Stitching!