Saturday, April 26, 2014

Good times ahead..................Saturday...Post #1

Isn't this lovely?   This was a gift from my dear friend Stasi Buhrman.  And she not only stitched it but did such a lovely job on the finishing.  She managed to get an egg form covered with not a single wrinkle...kudos to Stasi.  She actually stitched this and several others several years ago and I feel so honored that she has gifted one to me.  I simply love it and had it proudly displayed on a hutch in my dining room where I had my Easter display happening. (I finally put St. Patrick's day away).   After stitching the canvaswork egg I'm all about the egg now.  I'm going to do another one and try to do a better job on the finishing of the back....that's where my problem was.  So this inspired me.  Helen Cropper was in around Easter and Sara got her doing eggs as well.  DebBee's Designs trunk show is here (that is the designer I used for my canvas work egg) and she sent 4 eggs and she had wooden bases for hers so they are free standing and it makes a great display.  A fabulous Easter statement.  But this weekend is all about the Delaware Guild Sampler Guild.  We have about 20 of the stitchers here on retreat.  You can just imagine what their show and tell looks like.....fabulous and intricate.  So much fun to see what they've been up to since their last retreat in the fall.  And wait until I show you what Jean Toy brought me this year.  Each year she attends she brings me a stitched treat and they are so lovely....I'm honored and treasure each and every one.  We have the nicest stitchers that attend our events or just come and stay at the hotel.  We are a caring and gentle society...stitchers that is.  Good company.  And Betsy Cole who isn't even attending this event, (she'll be at next weekends event),  knew we have the Delaware Guild here...anyway, she was attending a convention in Ocean City....and after the breakfast event she attended she noticed that the huge fruit displays, which weren't even touched, were going to be thrown out by the hotel so she grabbed them and ran them down here and we put them out for an afternoon pick up and the stitchers, to say nothing of the children, loved it.  Betsy you are the best!  That's the type of stitchers we get.  Always thoughtful.  So thanks to everyone who has made our weekend so nice.  Even the weather is cooperating today.  While yesterday was sunny, it was windy and got really chilly.  But today the wind isn't as bad, the sun is shining brightly and it's warmer...good day all around.  The ocean is gorgeous this morning...sparkling like it's floating diamonds.  Yes this promises to be a good day.  I'll have another post today to let you know what's happening.

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