Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Day New Finish......

This is the new finish I talked about yesterday....after the two Sherri Jones class pieces, with beautiful stitching, but a lot of it, I wanted something that was fun, but Sara picked out the new French Tote and we picked a Jeannette Douglas design to put on it, "Take Time to Stitch" ...15th Anniversary Edition.  The design was so much fun to stitch and an easy stitch.  It took only a couple of days to complete so that felt wonderful.  Because I was putting the design on the French Tote which is somewhat rustic, I did edit the stitching and left off most of the beadwork.  I did put some beads on the piece but none on the border.  If I was framing it however, I would have used the beads.  With Easter coming upon us this weekend I decided I had to stitch Just Nan's "Lorelei Lamb", which again is a fast stitch, just a couple of nights, and today I hope to stitch it together.  Another fun stitch.  I also decided to edit this piece and didn't use the any of the sequins, instead just stitched the top in black and I outlined in white the body and black the head.  I love the colors on Lorelei and felt she didn't need all the flower sequins.  With her done you know what that means....New project....oh, I can't wait to dig into the many bags full of projects (to say nothing of all the projects on shelves in my stitching room. Such a fun way to spend time, looking through tons of stitching.  I guess I should be moving on to summer projects since I believe we are skipping over spring.  While it isn't as cold as it was in February and March, it's dipping back down...and while we didn't get the snow some of you did...we did get the torrential rain.  I'm looking forward to some warmth (when I will again be begging for cooler temps as someone reminded me last week.)  Talk to you the meantime I'm on the hunt for new projects...or perhaps pulling one I've already started but stuck in a bag somewhere.  Have a great day!

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