Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What a wonderful weekend we had...

What fun we had this weekend.  Sherri Jones was in house to teach both The Mermaid's Two Tales, and the Tulip Tray designs, so there was a lot of activity as the stitchers all gathered and then concentrated to get as much done as they possibly could, and several of them are just a day's work away from completing their projects.  Kudos to everyone.  The weather cooperated, it's was sunny and somewhat warm all days, but today it's raining and cold again.... is spring ever going to get here?  Yesterday Sara drove Ginny and Sherri to the airport so they could fly home, only to get a call once she got back to the shop from Ginny who's flight had been cancelled.  Since there are no hotels near our airport, or anything else, Ginny was stuck in limbo and they were closing the airport since there were no more flights.  So Sara went over and brought her back so she's going to try again today to get home.   And Ginny heard from Sherri who's stuck in another airport due to delays...so let's just say that getting home was not as easy as getting here was for these two.  So we really appreciate all the trouble people go to in order to attend a class or to teach a class.  Thanks to all the participants and especially to Sherri.  If you have never taken a class, you need to because you become so much more proficient in finishing.  If you've never had Sherri Jones teach you....again, do your self a favor and sign up for one of her classes.  She teaches all over the country so find a class near you because you will learn so much....worth it!  The pictures you see are of  the Button Hornbook by Priscilla's Pocket.  Such a fun piece to put together.  The stitch is an over one on 36 count and everything is in the kit, including the wool for the pocket on the back.  There are two holes predrilled in the hornbook for attaching both the sampler and the button pocket on the back and the buttons included are used in the attachment so there is no gluing which I love.  So cute!   Other than the finishing of stitching on both class pieces, last week didn't produce a whole lot.  But at least I finished both class pieces for Sara.  I did finish one other piece which I loved, loved, loved stitching and I'll get that up on the site tomorrow...we had a slight glitch when we tried putting it on today and I've got to get to the office since IRS is sitting there waiting for my April 15th report and check...damn it.  The accountant called Sara yesterday and I heard her say, "Well you can tell her that yourself."  So I knew the number was high and everyone was trying to get someone else to tell me.  Crap!!! So today we're scrambling to get it together.  Honestly will my boat every dock?  Probably but the dock might just be rotten so it will have to go back to sea.  Hope your IRS day is easier than mine.  Talk to you soon.

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