Saturday, April 19, 2014

The annual has arrived....

Friday....The day didn't start out well....couldn't get the key to turn in my car's ignition...God's way of telling me to walk to work, but then...God help me, Thrashers has opened almost a month early next door.   I've already been to the French fry well and had to eat them.  (Maybe the French fries were a reward from God for walking to work?) The good news is I didn't eat the entire container.  Things are hopping in the store...the town is crowded with families here for the Easter holiday.  The weather is a little cool today, but they are calling for 60's for Saturday and Sunday, hopefully they are correct.  Today everyone has on hats, coats and gloves.  Not exactly what one thinks of when one thinks of Easter.  But at least we didn't get snow this week.  So we're celebrating.  And Renee did bring in her it's a good day.  Saturday...the sun is shining but it's still cool...what happened to the 70 degrees they called for on Monday?  Oh well, who cares, it's a good day at the beach.  Vernon has decided I need to stop fixing my car and get a new one....darn it.  I might get it fixed one more time before calling it quits, after all I've only had it for 13 years!  Doesn't own me a thing!  But after giving all my money to IRS this week I'm hesitant to now spend approx. $30,000 for a new van.  Decisions, decisions, decisions!  Michael spent the night last night so it was  hard to get a lot of stitching in....well I have to confess once we got home I fell asleep on the sofa and he got bored so he went upstairs to play with Izzy & Solomon and then I woke up and stitched until he came back down....but still I was limited on stitching but I've almost finished the Ladies Prim Society piece so I'm excited because then I'm starting the Shepherd's Fold.  The plum boxes are in for the Shepherd's Fold,  but Sara says I can't have one since we have orders for them.  Seriously people....but we're ordering many more on Tuesday so I should have one before I've finished stitching it....hopefully.  But I'm really excited to see what the additional smalls will be on the Fold, aren't you? Got to to you soon.  Have a wonderful holiday. 

Renee's Annual 2014

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