Saturday, April 26, 2014

Post #2....actually from last my blogs are confused

These were  my happy Easter presents from my two daughters....I love a gift, and these two never disappoint me.  Each had filled either the basket or the pail with multiple little gifts which I will be enjoying...there's candy (yeah!), all kinds of stitching supplies, candles, oh just a whole bunch of great things for me to eat or use.  Then we finished the evening eating at Ruth's  Cris Steak House...yummo!  I was having so much fun I accidently drank 3 drinks and so when I got home all I wanted to do was fall asleep....and then Solomon and Izzy came back in to play with their Easter gifts  so I rallied and when they left I then went to sleep...early...even though I wanted to finish the Strawberry House...I was so close.  So when I woke up this morning the first thing I did was take needle in hand and finish Strawberry House, which is the newest kit from Ladies Prim Society.  So now I'm 3 for 3.  Received 3, finished 3 (tonight I'll do the actual finishing) so I'm thrilled to be on schedule.  And, of course, this means Shepherd's Fold comes into the rotation.  Exciting!!!!  We started our spring schedule in the shop last Friday (I use the term spring laughingly) so we're open every day now from 10:00 - 4:00.  It's great to see Renee and Pat back on the schedule....and to see them period.  Pat actually worked for me last Friday and around 3:00 I came over to the shop expecting to see she and Sara busy and found the two of them pulling knitting yarn for Sara's projects.  Pat was telling Sara about Arm knitting and then Carol came in with a scarf she had done and Sara was so excited they showed her how to do it and when I came over she was ready to start.  I came over at 3:00 and by 3:30 Sara had made the scarf which they connected and she wore wrapped around her neck.  Unbelievable.  I'm all about fast and easy so this was fascinating.  Even though I suggested Easter colors, Sara chose fall colors (her favorite) and she wore it out to dinner.  She was dressed all in black so the fall colors really were striking.  Can you imagine knitting a cowl in 30 minutes?  I'm sure she's put it on facebook, and I'll get it up on the blog tomorrow (she's suppose to send me the picture.)  She used 3 different weights of arm knitting if you have never heard of it.  It's interesting.  She's got 3 more groupings of colors picked and said she'll have them arm knitted and in the shop for you to see, at least that is her game plan at the moment.  Her world is about to explode as we have two back to back events, The Delaware Sampler Guild retreat this coming weekend and then our Spring Retreat the following weekend, which is going to be interesting to see as we are booked 100% at the hotel and had to stop taking retreat reservations.  So we've got the spring retreat mixing with hotel tenants (in the fall retreat we close the hotel to everyone but the stitchers, but we've never had to do that in the Spring) which is going to mean parking issues (we limit cars allowed per room with tenants, but have never done that with the spring retreat since we haven't had to....God help us when this explodes).  Anyway, we're excited to get things moving so I'm sure somehow we'll make it work.  No doubt there will be some who will complain, but we'll do our best to make as many people as we can happy. 

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