Sunday, March 30, 2014

New things to show...just not new....

I finally brought this home after 3 years to attach the top piece to the box.  It's been a model in the shop since it came out and I stitched these boxes.  But I cut the top piece too close and couldn't use it properly so I had to re-stitch (ugh) and it's been sitting home finished (stitching) until this week when I decided to use the snow day to finish some unfinished pieces that were already displayed.  So the Treasures Stitching Box is now completely finished.     Then you see   the Lizzie Kate 2014 Flora McSample Stocking ornaments that I finished in January, but was waiting to hand them over to Caroline to finish...they turned out too small for me to tackle...(as I did them over one).  Caroline brought them back last weekend and they are just too cute.  They are less than 3 inches and are now lined so usable.  Great for sticking money in for the grandchildren and hanging them on the tree. The 3rd picture shows SamSarah's Happy Easter from 2013, which I just slapped together after stitching it last year to have it in the shop in time for Easter.  So that came home on Monday and I finished it as it should have been done.  The rest of the week was spent on class pieces...the Tulip Tray stitching is complete and the other class is almost complete..after a start over on one piece...ugh!  Anyway, last night when I didn't have anything new to show I made the JABCO Ewe Pin Cushion....she's sooo cute.  And I put her bunny ears on as we are using her in our Easter display.  As with the other JABCO pin cushion kits, this proved to be challenging to begin with, but once I saw what they were trying to say...well it became a lot easier.  First, for me a lot of prep work just doesn't work.  I tried punching the holes through on the first pin cushion and found it to be busy work for me.  You can just look at the pattern pieces and look at the wool in you hand and then fold it the way they say...matching this letter to another letter.  I don't need to put a hole in it.  This pin cushion was the hardest yet when I started putting it together.  But, after sitting for a few minutes, placing the letters together on the two pieces of wool and thinking ahead to where it had to go I was able to see that you just made a cross of the two white pieces for the body, and while if you gathered the two ends on one piece you could fit them together easily.  But that isn't how they do it.  So you just need to edit their directions a little and it becomes a little easier.  Anyway, she's adorable.  I tried to weight it but I was using something too big and it would become a problem when the  pins were stuck in it  so I took the weight out.  But next time, I'd weight it using a different weight.  I'm trying to decide whether or not to add eyes....too cute?  I'll think some more about this.  Anyway, I'm praying that was our last snow for 2014.  Next week it's suppose to be in the 60's all week...whoppee!

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