Sunday, March 9, 2014

Another beautiful day in Paradise

It's sunny, warm, not in the 60's like yesterday (yes even we got to 60), but it's probably near 50 or perhaps it's even over 50, but the sun is just shining brightly and people are out and about, bikes are going by, skateboarders are driving me crazy (but in a good way), yes, life is good at the beach.  And...wait for it...and The Alaska Stand opened this weekend so, of course, that was our lunch today which suited me perfectly since I woke up too late to eat and get to church and since I was the reader today church came first.  God must have know which is why he had Bob open the stand (I just know God is paying to my food consumption).  Anyway, we're a little concerned about Linda as she spent the night at the hospital with her mother and we have no details other than that.  So I'm praying everyone is alright and all issues have been taken care of.  But that also meant Linda couldn't get here to work on the Welsh Cottage.  I worked on  it last night and because the side panel was giving me so much trouble, (rip rip rip and restitch), I decided to start the back wall of the cottage to get something finished.  It is a slow stitch as everything is over one, but I'm doing better with it and feel better about the stitch.  I will go back to the side panel when this is finished.  Today became a "get stuff on the website" day for me.  I have been trying to add each day I'm here and I did a little at home (O.K.,very little but I'm old, and I have too much stitching to do) but this is beginning to backfire on me.  The picture you see here is the new Thieffry Freres French Market bag and I needed to add it to the web site so Sara volunteered to hold it if she wasn't in the picture, so I  could take a picture and download it.  After that  I decided you needed to see it stitched and while I love the JBW Designs French Monograms, the pocket on this bag is large so I wanted a bigger design.  So then all web site work had to stop as we search for a design.  Then while searching for a design I found the 2 Easter pieces from Drawn Thread, "Easter Eggs & Easter Basket" from 2013 which I loved to I pulled them to you see where this is going?  I don't have time now for everything and here I go pulling more.  But it keeps me off the streets and out of the pool halls so I'll continue to look.  Meanwhile I still haven't found a design for the market bag.  It is going to be a long and exhausting afternoon in the shop as I surf for a design, and add more "stuff" to my already overloaded tote.   Thank God Sara is here to wait on customers as I'm way too busy with my search.  Well back to the search
French Market Bag

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