Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fun Times...Lots of stitching

What fun I've had during the latest round of snow...first of all we did get a snow, from the look of my porch I'd have to say around 3 inches or 4....but the wind was blowing so hard and the snow was so light, not the big and heavy as predicted, that when it was over the streets were almost clear of snow so there really has been no issue for us here.  (Except that collective groan from parents as the kids were off two more days from school)   But I stayed in anyway....a great excuse for just stitching.  And while I promised myself I would only work on class pieces...well I had some finishes to do so I decided to get those done.  The first is the Barbara Ana piece, Spring Biscornu which I finished stitching in Nashville,  and I can't make a pin cushion (usually) without a scissor fob so I took one of the carrots off the biscornu
chart and made a little fob.  The finishing was easy on the biscornu and should have been on the fob, but in my hurry (never a good thing) I forgot to attach a way to attach the scissors  so I ended up having to sew through the piece after finishing which meant I had lizard litter everywhere...thank God it's small pieces.  Anyway,. thrilled to get the finishing complete.  So then I decided to finish Poor Robin's pin cushion, which I actually completed for Christmas and just never finished it.  Because this was a kit I didn't do a fob, however, I'm sure I'll end up doing a Shepherd's Bush fob which will go with it.  After working on the Sherri Jones Tulip Tray for a couple of days prior to the snow, I also felt I deserved a quick I ended up finishing "Dare to Try" by Lizzie Kate, Charley Chick by Jabco and "Shamrock Bunny Needle Case" by Homespun Elegance....and all finishing is also done on them so I've had a very productive time off, all of which I will show you in the next blog.  I'm sick of snow, but loved a day off at home when I should have been at work, and I'm praying this is the end of the darn cold weather.  It's hard to go from 60 degrees to 22 degrees in less than 24 hours...I know you will agree with me.  But hopefully (I'm never sure anymore) we have seen the end of this mess.  Spring can't get here fast enough.....Spring pieces seem to be all I'm stitching on anymore....hoping it acts as a charm to bring it on.  Anyway, have a great productive day and I'll keep you posted.


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