Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day selfie........

Yesterday I asked Sara to take a picture of my latest finish and she agreed to do it if we could take a selfie, to show our St. Patrick spirit.  I couldn't find my headgear like Sara did, but I have on the Shamrock Needle m, agnet (I'm wearing it like a holes made in the shirt...), and the necklaces but none of it got in the picture because it's behind the pillow.   While I usually hide from the camera, I wanted to get this latest Pine Mountain pillow, Be Kind, on the blog.  I just love doing Pine Mountain, even though they are not done on linen, because they are fast and easy....  I also like the new Words of Wisdom pillows and the new polka dot pillow form.  While the pillows are fast and fun they are usually cutsie and the Words of Wisdom are a little more sophicated in appearance.  I was able to work on this as I finished all 5 of the panels for the Sherri Jones class.  So  I'm taking a break over the weekend to stitch some fast stuff for the shop.  Tonight I'll start the other Words of Wisdom piece, Hold Onto Each Other.  As long as Michael doesn't go home with me tonight I'll show that off tomorrow.  This is a perfect Saturday.  We are having a peek at Spring today with temperatures in the 60's and the sun is just shining.  Since it's St. Patrick's Day weekend, the town has a lot of visitors.   The run was this morning and the boardwalk will be  really busy all day because of the weather.  I love all the bikers and the kids skateboarding.  I am also amused by the drinkers heading down to Shenanagans for St. Patrick's Day drinking.  They are all sporting Irish headbands or hats, beads and plenty of green.  I only hope they come in on the way to the bar since no one is more aggravating than a drunk in here asking stupid questions.   

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Julie said...

You are a wonder woman!!! How in the world do you accomplish all that you do? I've been reading back through the blog. What a resource! Absolutely gorgeous!
Happy Mothers Day!