Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Did you notice?

I was so excited to show you what I finished in my earlier post, I didn't realize my Poor Robin was missing her nose...this was truly a "Poor Robin".  Anyway, as I was putting her on the web  site I noticed as I was writing about her the mention of a cute nose when I realized it wasn't there.  What actually comes in the kit is a flat nose which I decided to replace with the 3 dimensional carrot nose.  Then, of course, I forgot to add it before I finished the pillow.  Thank God, I've become adept at adding things after I finish pieces...wouldn't you think I'd check first?  The next finish is the Shamrock Bunny needle case.  Fast stitch on Tuesday, and I decided to add a little to the inside.  Homespun Elegance shows the inside done with a piece of Weeks wool.  But it was a little plain to me and if I have a wallet I need pockets,etc., for my packs of needles and a pair of scissors.  Unfortunately for me I'm not a finisher so I struggled a bit but finally figured the pocket out...whoppee, which wasn't that hard once I got going.  I was so concerned about lining the pocket until I figured out if you just cut a long piece of fabric, sew the ends together so you have a tube and then form the pocket out of that it's instantly lined with the outside fabric.  Easy peasy.  I did nothing fancy with the flap so I didn't have to stress out more.  But then I couldn't figure out the big empty space on top of the pocket until today when I found a piece of gray green wool that I scalloped with my Christmas scissors from Sara and then did a blanket stitch around it so now I have a pin keep as well.  Happy St. Patrick's Day to me.  Sunday while the girls were in the shop stitching, I started the Lizzie Kate limited edition, "Do Your Best" and got that finished at home Sunday Night.  So I got it stuffed...oops, ran out of stuffing...but began the finish anyway.  So you can see that sitting in the box with the Shamrock Bunny and Charley Chick by Jabco.  According to JABCO Charley Chick is a one
hour finish.  Do I need to tell you it didn't take long, but it too me a little like 2 hours.  I've had a great deal of fun during this snow break....a lot of stitching that is...housework...well let's just say I threw a couple of pieces of paper away and that's been about it.  I did do dishes after 2 days, but mostly because there was no where else to sit a dish.  But tomorrow I leave my home to venture back out into the world.  Michael's birthday is here, he turns 13, and I must shop.  I'd rather be shot since he's changed his mind several times and everytime I talk to his mother about his wishes she says
the same thing..."That's stupid and you're not buy
ing that."  This may not end up the birthday Michael is imagining in his head but tomorrow I will certainly try to make it a good one.   The snow here has all but disappeared with the sun shining brightly for the past 2 days.  But the time I go out I won't even know there was a snow...thank God!  Anyway, I'll keep you posted....have a great night and a wonderful tomorrow.


Debbie Brotzman said...
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Debbie Brotzman said...

You've been busy Sally! Lots of cute finishes!

Syd said...

Happy Birthday, Michael! It seems like last year that he was only 2 and toddling around. Great finishes.