Monday, March 17, 2014

I give more please!

O.K....I know I said it wasn't going to snow and I was wrong, again.  It snowed all night and it's snowing again now's 1:30p.m. Monday.  So Sara and I did get a snow day and I'm
almost thrilled, although at this point we've had too many and I want more of the sunshine and warmth we saw on Saturday.  I swear if this would just end I'll never complain about the heat of the summer ever again.  And  this Saturday they are calling for high 60's once again, but if that means more snow next week, well just forget it.  While I love sitting on my sofa, diet soda near by and my stitching in hand.....I also need to work some so I need this winter to be over and spring appear and shops and hotel get moving.  I no longer envy the north and their a matter of fact next year if I want snow I'm willing to travel north to see it and let's leave Ocean City out of it.   I've been rather unproductive cleaning wise today and that's driving me crazy and  yet, as usual I don't seem to want to rise to the occasion and keep cleaning out the stitching room, nor do my breakfast dishes, nor dust, nor laundry...well you see where this is going.  And frankly most days I'm all right with that, but since we've had several snow days now it just seems wrong.  So I decided to do this blog so I can act like I   have done some work.   Do you would see how much we got....I took the picture of the 5 foot snowman my neighbor and his daughter built outside my window.  The snow was perfect for it and it's the first snow we've had that was snowman friendly.  Now in the middle of the summer heat stroke weather I can look back at this and say, "I swear  if this heat would just stop I'll never complain about the cold and snow again."  Yeah, I'm funny like that...I'll swear to anything!  Yesterday, Sunday Linda and Candi came into the shop so Linda and I could compare our Welsh Cottage work.  We are moving right along so I'm pleased with our progress, however I can't seem to convince Linda that we can get this done in 2014. I've put the date on it so it is imperative that we get it done.   I might be sitting up until midnight on December 31....but it will get done.  Beth Jernighan and Beth Stevens,  as well as Judy
Brunclik also stopped in so it was like the Stitch 'n Bitch I missed on Tuesday.  It's always great to see our stitchers and see what they've been working on.  Judy just picked up a few pieces from her framer...fabulous.  Nautical,  which I love, as Judy and her husband just moved down and just got into her new house so she's in the decorating mode.  Go Judy!  And since Sara forgot to give the Stitch 'n Bitch group their Nashville gift, we started handing them out today to the ladies.  Every year we go I pick up a kit for the stitchers in our group.  I confess I'm big on Shepherd's Bush and while the stitchers do love their kits, this year I picked out the limited edition Lizzie Kate kits to gift them.  I knew they'd love them because they come with everything including backing, trim and buttons.  I've already made mine and it's up in the shop.  Anyway, happy snow day to everyone who's got one and to the rest of you stitchers....enjoy whatever life brings you as well.  And let's all pray that spring arrives soon!


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denise said...

I'm jealous! wish I could have gotten to the shop when i was in Seaford last month.:)