Friday, March 7, 2014

Lousy start to my day.......

We've put up with freezing cold, ice, snow and now the torrential rain has come to visit.  And since it's a work day and rain is not a reason to close the shop, I'm at work.  Now I don't mind spending my day in the store so that's not really my problem.  My problem today (and this changes on an hourly basis) is I had to go for a teeth cleaning normal 6 month checkup.  I knew I would have to admit I pulled my cap off in Nashville by eating caramels, but unlike last time (I did the same thing last year....apparently I am an the same activity expecting different results), I put the cap back on and amazingly enough it stayed on until this morning.  So I knew I wasn't going to hear any crap about teeth moving when a cap isn't in I went feeling pretty good.  I did know that I had a wee problem as I had some sort of  "bubble" which has been on my gum for about 5 months, which didn't hurt so I let it ride.  Well, that's an infection which has been going into my body, and will require a root canal, (approx. $1400) and then after 8 x-rays they found a cavity on the top which will require a cap and while they are there they are going to make a bridge and add 3 more caps total, so I left the office with a bill in the neighborhood of $6000.  The good news, they didn't charge me for gluing the cap back on.  Does that make it a good day?  Somehow with the weather and the bill...I'm back to having a bad day.  But the good news....suppose to be in the 50's tomorrow and Sunday and next week going into the 60's.  Dare I say winter is coming to an end?  Oh, we just had some ladies in to buy yarn....true knitters who would come out on a day like today.  Wind is howling, yes I said howling...sounds like's cold.... but above freezing... but the rain...I just need sunshine.  I've finished two of the panels for the Tulip Tray (Sherri Jones) and tonight will do a third.  Saturday and Sunday will be the Welch Cottage and a fun project.  Then Monday it's back to Sherri Jones.  If I keep the pace I should have Sherri's done in 2 weeks, then I'll have to finish the Mermaid Purse...2 pieces to do on that and then I'm done with class pieces until we get the Betsy Morgan pre-stitch.  But it's always a small one night or two night pre-stitch so it's no problem.  Oh speaking of classes, Sara spoke with Jackie DuPlessis and she is back on track so she will be teaching here the weekend after Labor Day (September) this year.  The project hasn't been chosen yet so just keep watching the events page on the web site.   Whoppee...Sara just brought down some homemade French Onion Soup so I'm stopping to to you later.

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