Friday, February 28, 2014

I was wrong...winters apparently not over....

I was suppose to go to the framers Tuesday, but since I finished the
stitching on my latest Ladies Primn Society kit, "Growing Love" stitcher's wallet , I stayed in and finished the piece (shown to the right), plus there were snowflakes coming down.    While it's taken me much longer to do the finishing than I would have preferred (I'm such a novice with finishing), I'm thrilled with the outcome.  The first picture shows back and front of the wallet and of course the second picture shows it closed.  Made a great little gift for Sara (although she paid for it so not sure how much of a gift.   Ann from R & R told us in Nashville the kits had been sent out so of course the minute I got home I was waiting for it.  It finally arrived Friday and then I was itching to get started on it.  I swore I wasn't going to just put these kits on the shelf and finish them whenever, so I am thrilled I've been able to get the first two stitched and finished right away.  Hopefully I will improve with the finishing over time.  I did finish it a little differently than they suggested.  I added the overdyed rick rack in the seam to give it a fancy edging.  Love it.  The other news is I was wrong, wrong, wrong....winter is not over it snowed a little on Wednesday and now with the polar vortex...well suffice it to say that we are freezing down here.  Thursday Sara and I went to Salisbury to take my pieces to the framer, then back to pay our real estate taxes (whew...that was a chunk of change) and by then I was too tired to go to the grocery store....meanwhile I haven't been grocery shopping since Superbowl...needless to say I'm down to mustard and relish in the refrig....getting touch to find something to eat....this could be a wonderful diet for me if I didn't have candy here I'm trying to ignore.  I do think I have a couple cans of soup....damn, it's going to be a rough dinner hour.  But on the plus side, I get to start a new project and God knows I have plenty of choices here.  But when I finally got home guilt got the better of me and I pulled out the Tulip Tray of Sherri Jones and decided I had to get started since I had just a little over a month left before the class.  As usual I thought I read the directions carefully...but as usual I missed the fact that it was a tent stitch and just the first pocket was taking me forever when I realized I was suppose to be doing tent and I was doing the full cross.  You'd think I would learn since I did the same thing last year, but noooo, I just forge ahead and start stitching and now that I've committed to a complete cross I can't stop, at least on this one panel.  However, since the other backgrounds on the other panels are specialty bargello like stitches, this won't happen again.  And by the time I realized what was wrong, I still had the swan to do in the center so it is done in a tent stitch.   Now I will "stew" over whether I will run out of floss or not.  It's always something!  But I have to say I'm enjoying the variety of stitches on this piece.  I also started the "Beekeeper" from Plum Street on Monday.  And because I had 2 days of non-stop stitching I've really got quite a head start on it.  The urn and 3/4 of the beehive are done.  Of course now I'm pushing forward with Sherri's class piece so The Beekeeper has been put on hold (unless I'm able to get some of the panels for the Tulip Tray done quickly so I can go back.  And of course there is The Cottage I'm doing with Linda that must be worked on..oh, my ... good thing I don't need a lot of sleep.  I have to get back to Nashville stuff and finish getting it ticketed.  Sara is working with a yarn salesperson and is giving me the evil eye as she knows I'm not doing tickets.  So I'll end here before she fires me...have a great day....catch you later.

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Kevin said...

Hopefully you are still employed by the time you see this. ;-)
LOVE your stitcher's wallet - that really turned out great! You could have fooled me that you don't do a lot of finishing work.

Stay warm up there this weekend. Sure hope that STORM isn't heading your way -- are you ladies far enough south to avoid that mess? sure hope so! Happy stitching - looking forward to seeing your Beekeeper!!