Monday, February 24, 2014

New Day...Another finish

A guilty pleasure...that's what Pine Mountain pillow kits are and I love to stitch these in between my linen projects that take longer to finish.  It makes me feel like I'm getting a lot finished.  Anyway, as I'm praying for spring, it was fun to stitch with the bright colors announcing spring and I love, love, love the little blue bird in the corner.  If I was taking this home I would also have added beads, (for birds' eye and for the raindrops at the bottom).  But it confuses everyone if I add stuff and then it isn't in the kit so I made an executive decision and decided not to get off the sofa to get the beads. We're almost back to normal in the shop....not everything from Nashville is up yet, and certainly I haven't been able to get everything on the web site because I've been too busy getting prices on charts etc., but soon.  I'm a work in progress.  There is a quilt retreat in town this week so they are steadily streaming into the shop.  Nothing better than a retreat where all you do is what you love to do and eat.  It's still gorgeous and sunny here, however the winds have picked up a little and of course we have that darn forecast of snow Tuesday night.  But you know my feeling...winter is over so while the cold is returning somewhat (40's...that's not really that cold) I seriously feel we will only see rain.  I'm a little tired of rain as well, but will take it over snow now.  Anyway...I've got to finish my work so I'll say so long for now...have a great day.

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