Sunday, February 16, 2014

Final Day....but we're hitting the floor running.....

Didn't get any stitching done last night as I was busy fighting the printer and getting all the new stuff ticketed.  Did pretty well and until the whole thing went to hell and I went to bed.  When I got up this morning I fought with it another 45 minutes and then decided to let Sara deal with it.  I've ceased to care whether tickets get done here or I stitch after the show.  Seeing everyone's models and picking up all this merchandise, well I'm like a child in a candy store.  But this room is such a mess...bags all over hells green acres in here.  It's not condusive to stitching it's so messed up, but I suppose I could start taking some of this down to the that would just take away stitching time and I wasn't able to stitch at all yesterday so stitching is a priority today.  But picking a project is the problem.  Forget all the projects I brought down here with me.  I've been pulling projects as I go through the bags and so far I've got 2 small Shepherd's Bush that are  1 night each...Spring Box and Winter Box, oh another one, Count Your Blessings.  Then I also pulled The Beekeeper which won't be a one night project but is a kit so I'm able to start right away, and then the 2 limited editions by Lizzie Kate which have all supplies, including finishing supplies included.  Everything else I want has to be supplied with everything so they will have to wait until we get home.  This is the fun part of owning a have a huge stash (called your store) to pull from...the not fun part is the amount of money that stash costs mother spent a few years trying to get me to understand that it would probably be cheaper for me to buy my stuff from someone else and not have a shop....I understand I'm still paying for everything so in theory she's right, but it sure wouldn't be as much fun.  I'd never get to a market and I love coming to these. And the friends I've made through stitching...well it just wouldn't be the same without Salty Yarns.  In fact, I've seen several of the participants in our retreats this weekend.  Ran into Pat Eaton, from In Stitches, who comes to our retreat.  Melinda from The Stitching Post was running past us on every floor...don't know how she does this show alone.  All the designers I love seeing...Oh, my and when we were in the Shepherds Bush room  I was mystified when they started talking about seeing us until I realized they were talking about our segment on Hotel Impossible...they even said they wanted to come down to stay....hummm you know what I'm thinking.....we're hoping we can convince them to come and stay with us and in their down time teach (yeah, downtime...I can hear them laughing from here.) But what a dream I'm having about that.    Oh, My God...shoot me's noon and I'm praying I don't die before we're done.  I always fade on Sunday but with Sara's back tweaked I can't do that so I'm marching forward bravely.  I'm just thrilled she had to go to the Great Model Giveaway and I have a chance to get off my feet.  Mercy...this is for younger people with less weight hanging around them.   Well, it's now 3:00 pm and we are officially done for the weekend and not a minute too soon.  I actually stopped about 1 1/2 hours ago and just sat in with Inez of Adam Originals and talked.  But we've had a great time and I'm thrilled that many of us feel the same about this Market and there is a rumbling that someone else will get a show going here again regardless of TNNA's decision, which today I found out from one of the board members is really made regarding the wishes of the  needlepoint industry and the yarn industry and with little regard for the counted cross stitch community.  I'm mistified why they purchased INRG in the first place.  Why take over a market you aren't interested in preserving?  Well, hopefully someone can get it together for us.  Let's keep our fingers crossed..  Damn, Sara got the printer working so I'm done stitching til later.  I'll keep you posted.

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