Saturday, February 8, 2014

Oops...didn't even notice...

I had this on the cutting table during the event last weekend, as I finally finished it into a pillow, (when I was on the finishing binge), and Stasi Buhrman said, "Oh, I did that one a long time ago...oh I put the button on it though."  Oops, since I stitched this years ago when it first came out I didn't even notice that there was something missing...and since Stasi said that... I really don't know what I thought that big empty spot was for...duh!!!!!  But fortunately I can still add the button, but damn it I thought I was finished with it.  Tuesday night at some point I realized my left arm was really painful to move so finally I put down the stitching and decided to give my arm a rest, after all I had been stitching for about 15 hours with only 2 small breaks to eat.  But I got up Thursday and it hurt to even move it so I couldn't stitch at all.  It was  killing me not to stitch and while I tried to concentrate on picking up things and cleaning....(since it didn't hurt if I let me arm just dangle and I could clean with just my right side moving)....but I keep looking at the 2 new projects, well one I started last year in Nashville but had left 2 colors home so stopped working on it altogether and the other is an Easter biscornu from Barbara Ana, which was new to me and just couldn't kick my butt in gear.  I knew with a full day off I could get the darn biscornu finished so this is really driving me crazy.  Damn getting old.  I'm sure if I was just 10 years younger I would be fine. So I managed to accomplish nothing except feeling very sorry for myself.  Since we leave for Nashville next week I thought I could start making lists of what we'd need for that....but no, I just sat on the sofa feeling sorry for myself and trying to stitch every 1/2 hour only to find that the arm still hurt like hell.  I finally called Sara thinking she was home and had time to listen to me whine only to find that she was out and Pickles Pub with the girls.  She was getting ready to leave and insisted on stopping by to look at me and bring me some heavy duty motrin.  I was so uncomfortable and upset over not being able to stitch that she started googling symptoms (always a problem) and started panicing over what she felt might be the problem.  She focused on it being my left arm and shoulder and heart attack.  By the time she got done panicing, I started and we decided I should get dressed (well change out of the slop I was wearing) and go to the emergency room.  They were having a slow night so I got in right away and saw a doctor who, after an ekg and x'rays decided it was arthritis and sent me home with pain pills and motrins.  Sara then wanted to spend the night but I insisted she go home so I could get some rest and we'd reevaluate the next day.  Friday I didn't come to work, but at 4:00 I had taken a shower and was waiting for Sara to come pick me up for the fiber fest.  We headed for Ruth Chris for dinner since I hadn't had a meal since Sunday and said the hell with the fiber fest as Sara wanted to go to that  on Saturday after work anyway.  I was feeling much better with just a slight twinge in my arm and shoulder.  And here I am today, Saturday, sitting at work and feeling much better except for lingering feelings of  being nauseous.  This getting older is such a pain in my ass....pardon my French.  Anyway, it's cold but we're dry here and no snow for a week so that's a good sign.  While they keep it in the forecast all around us,  we aren't suppose to be getting any...just that blasted rain...but at least that's better than snow.  I'm done, done, done with winter.  I am a bit concerned about heading to Nashville since snow is in the forecast for around there.  Crap...I'm going anyway.  The fiber fest is taking place this weekend in town and we've had some of the knitters in the store and the last two said it was crowded and they had some nice yarn.  It's a small showing as this is the first year but it shows promise.  Sara and I are going up after work and then going to dinner (whoppee)...I'm all about the dinner at this point.  I'm exhausted though and cold so I just want to really go home and go to sleep...but dinner first for sure.  Anyway, I just wanted to check in with everyone.  Have a great weekend and I'll keep you posted.

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