Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 2 Buperbowl Weekend Event....

 Day 1 was filled with stitchers, catching up and to end it all
there was Sara's reception, which I missed because I made the mistake of sitting down on the sofa when I got home and fell asleep only to wake up at 7:59, one hour after the event started so I felt I shouldn't bother.  So I stayed home, popped in a movie and proceeded to stitch.  I also wanted you to see that the snow days were not in vane and I did actually get some work done.  The first finish was a Pine Mountain Valentine Topography.  So finishing that meant popping in a pillow that type of finish.  But I also think this is a very cute pillow.  It was fast, fun and easy...yes the 3 requirements when I'm tired.  The next picture is "Love Bird" which came out a couple of years ago from Just Another Button Company.  I loved him then and I really love him finished in a Crescent Color frame.  The third finish was the Colonial Candle Pocket from Plum Street Sampling as part of their Colonial Gathering Club.  I stitched it in one night (fast and easy) and then put it together the next day.  The directions they included for finishing were easy and I really enjoyed the entire experience.  Glad Sara got me this for Christmas.  The next finish was Noel House by Chessie and Me.  This came as a complete kit so I loved that I didn't have to hunt down the fibers and floss (not that it's that difficult here in the shop but at home it's having to enter my stitching room and sort through containers...ugh).  I loved this stitch on 36 ct., surprisingly as the smaller the count the more difficult with my eyesight.  The colors were beautiful, the stitches were interesting and yet easy to do.  I hate stitching houses but because this was small it didn't bother me.  And to finish it off I made the two pins you see beside it.  Beautiful little pin cushion.  I thought it would make a wonderful Secret Santa gift and actually had it stitched for Christmas but didn't get it put together and thankfully never needed it.  Our day is about to start as stitchers are coming through the door as I type so I'll end here with a Have a great day...ours is sunny, bright and suppose to be in the 50's.  Hope your is too.

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M. Emily said...

I came into your shop to get a little help on my shawl and you and your daughter helped me out. Thank you so much! The knitting is going smoothly now and I am excited to be knitting again:). I'll be back soon to get a few thing I spotted!