Friday, January 31, 2014

Wednesday's Post....ahhh, what the heck...

It is now 8:00 a.m. and it is still started  around 7 p.m. last night.  Fortunately, it was a light snow so while we got about 4 inches it is so fluffy it shouldn't be a problem.....except for school buses so the kids have another day off school.  However, starting tomorrow temperatures go up and the sun is forecast and by Friday it is scheduled to be 50 degrees so this snow, which I'm sure is our last of the winter is going to be gone, gone, gone....Thank heavens.   It is now  Friday morning and I'm at it turned out the children were off from school Thursday as well and today had a 2 hour delay but at least went to school.  But I still sense that we are seeing the end of winter as the temps are going up, today it will be in the 40's and tomorrow in the 50's with no wind chill to deal with.  We are doing the happy dance in what remains of the snow.  Actually on the ramp in front of the store we have carved a path but it's surrounded by about 3 inches of snow...but I'm still elated because we are seeing plenty of sunshine now.  Although apparently that may change to clouds this weekend, but with 50 degrees I don't care. Stitchers started arriving for our Superbowl party last night.  So we will be partying for the next 3 days, with our big party on Sunday in the shop.  All are invited, well, except for the woman who always walks the not a stitcher...but heard about the food and always comes in to the shop on Superbowl Sunday and just stands at the food table and eats until she's filled up and then leaves.  Of course, eagle eye Sara catches sight of her every year and then I start praying the woman gets out before Sara comes around the corner.  I can only contain Sara for so long before she goes ape@#$@ all over her.  So far it's working, but I'll have to be prepared Sunday just in case.  Meanwhile I'm usually so busy at the food table (stuffing my face) I'm paying no attention to anyone.  If you are in the area..please be sure to stop by and party with us.  Now, back to Wednesday and Thursday when  I was so busy finishing pieces.  I got my sewing machine back from repair and I decided to take it for a test run.  I pulled out a couple of pieces that have been sitting so long on the finishing table I forgot I even stitched them, but by this morning I am able to take 7 finished pieces into the shop....whoppee!!  Great week.  Have a great weekend. 

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