Saturday, January 25, 2014

I'm officially frozen in place.....

O.K. I'm officially done with snow and cold weather.  I actually had to go outside and I'm not a happy camper.  I bundled up like Nanuk of the North and braved the weather yesterday...16 degrees and for those of you who are even colder...well we're a summer resort and shouldn't have to deal with this.   Anyway, today I've come to work and it's even worse, with wind chill putting us in the single digits, plus they are threatening us with snow flurries.  Save it I say, we don't need it or want it.  I've had my snow days and I'm over the snow...bring on spring for God's sake and my sanity.  I am so not prepared for snow.  I tried to put on my boots to go out yesterday and found they are so tight I could barely get them on and when I did they were killing my small toe which we think I broke a couple of weeks ago.  I walked in those boots but I didn't smile one bit.  Today I'm back to tennis shoes.  The hell with the snow I'm going to act like it's summer and the sun is beaming.  Meanwhile it's grey and overcast and freezing.  Even the ocean looks unhappy.    I wanted to show  you two more gifts I received last month....Judy Brunclik made me the beautiful spring (bring it on) scene in the adorable teapot frame.  It is sooo cute, don't you think?  And the bottom biscornu was stitched by our Pat Weker.  It's a Fab Reilly and fabulous.  Actually too pretty to actually use so it will sit with all my treasures in my stitching room for me to look at and play with.  No on second thought I'll bring it in to the shop since we have the chart and you will want to make this yourself.  Think Secret Santa people.  Thank you my new treasures.  I'm still having trouble using this blog.  Yesterday
I tried to do something and deleted the blog talking about my Celebrate
Santa.  I'm depressed but  hope everyone got to see him.  I still have him out and on my table.   He's now celebrating the fact that I cleaned up.  Sara just handed me hand warmers so I can finish this blog and then I'm going back over to the office where it is warmer.  Last night I worked on the Welsh cottage since weekends are dedicated to my joint project with Linda Wimbrow.  Good heavens this thatched roof is taking forever.  I decided to work on the side wall at the same time to give me somewhat of a break on thatching.  I still love the project though and can't wait to see it finished.  I also finished The Flock by SamSarah....this is a favorite of Sara's so I just had to do it for the shop.  As with all SamSarah it's a fun and funky piece and reminds me of spring (or is that just wishful thinking).  Anyway I'll show it once I get it framed.  I will have it in the shop next weekend for the Superbowl sale if you happen in.  And don't forget about the case you need's a fabulous sale and the time to stock up on the more expensive charts or accessories.  It starts Friday and goes through Sunday.  Stop by on Sunday and we'll have snacks as well.  We do enjoy our Sunday Superbowl.  No one goes away hungry for either food or needlework. 

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Kevin said...

Can't wait to see your finished and framed SamSarah's "The Flock." I have a weakness for designs with birds in them (samplers especially) and I have all the charts for The Flock, but just need a few more supplies before I dive into that one. It does look like it's fun.
I was shivering reading about that snow. Yechh. Moved from NJ to Florida 20 years ago, and don't miss those winters. Pack up some projects, shorts and tee shirts and come on down! I'll save a chair here by the pool for you.