Friday, January 24, 2014

Shop Closed Due to Weather

I started this blog on Monday when we were really excited to see a snow day....we've now had 4 days of freezing temps and kids out of school and now it's not so exciting.  Sara and I made the decision to keep the shop closed today due to the state of the boardwalk here.  Due to the fact that the weatheer has kept the ice and snow still present on the boardwalk we are concerned for the safety of our customers.  We're hoping to get the front salted and see if we can get rid of the ice and snow but with these temperatures...well who knows.  I'll keep you posted on this though and hopefully tomorrow when the temperature is suppose to rise above freezing we may see a difference.  And now they are also talking about moving the Super Bowl to another day....well this will not deter our Super Bowl sale.  We will start our sale next Friday as can call us, e-mail your order, order on the web site from Friday thru Sunday and you will be getting it on sale.   And with the weather we've been experiencing I've been couch surfing 24/7.  .  Since I finished another shop sample Monday night, , "Valentine Topography" by Pine Mountain, I've pulled out a WIP..."The Flock" by SamSarah.  I hadt 2 sections left to do and last night, Thursday, I finally finished the piece....whoppee!  Since the weekend is upon us it means I have to work on the Moss Creek project which I'm working along with Linda.  Hopefully I'll finish the roof this weekend and can get most of one wall done.  Then I get to start a new project...oh, my know how I love starting a new project.  Oops...I forgot, I guess I should finish at least one of the Sherri Jones class pieces first....O.K., I can get a new project in the rotation at least.     I also wanted to thank all the stitchers that were here over the weekend.  100 stitchers attended  Camp Wannastitch and we saw quite a few of them.  Several have attended this event since it began so we're starting to recognize many of the stitchers so it's like old friends coming in.  It  is always  such fun to see real stitchers and they kept us busy all weekend so we wanted to say " Thank You" so much.  Your coming in and supporting our business is greatly appreciated.  We look forward to seeing you all again next year if not sooner.  Have fun with your  new stash.  Sara has also starting organizing 2 new events for the shop.  We're having a Knitting Retreat in June and a 2nd one in September.  We're really excited to be adding another event and even more excited about the yarn tasting we will be having during the event.  Anyway, got to get ready for a Doctor's appt (ugh)  have a great stitching day...stay inside and stay warm.

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