Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Stitching is finally over....

Usually I don't stitch any holiday pieces past the day of the holiday, but this year I had several little pieces I wanted to get done so I stitched on until yesterday and I'm thrilled with the result. 
It was definitely a Lizzie Kate Christmas for me down here, well I love these because they are fast and easy, no specialty stitches, no pages of instruction to read through, just a fun stitch.  The "Naughty or Nice" was actually a Shepherd's Bush pattern and another easy stitch and now just needs framing, so into the frame pile it goes.  Then the 2013 Flora McSample's Stockings.  The "Noel" stocking was stitched over 2 on 28 ct. and came out bigger than I expected but I was delighted because after finishing it could actually hold a very small gift.  A special gift for someone special.  There is one more stocking that I lost track of momentarily and it didn't get in the picture, but it is also from the same leaflet and is stitched over 1 on 28 cute...and it is called
 the alphabet sampler is so cute because it is so small and would make a cute little ornament.  The other ornament that made the picture is the 3rd stocking from the leaflet and it's "Tis the season" and it's stitched over one on 25 count, so while it's small and would make a cute ornament it's a tad bigger than the alphabet sampler stocking.  But the small stockings take a day to do while Noel took a little longer.  The large picture you see is the Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler, "Holly & Hearts".  While more stitching, still an easy stitch, done over 2 threads on Picture This Plus overdyed 28 ct. fabric.  I wanted to add some dimension to it so I did add beads in know I'm always finding areas where I can add a bead or two.  Then the final piece, "A Little Snow" kit was a 1 day project as well.  I don't have the snowflake charm on it yet, but even without the charm it is really cute.  And now I'm moving on to other "snow" pieces for January displays, as well as getting on track with class pieces.  Linda, Candi and Katie (a student from Candi's school) were over yesterday, everyone stitching including Katie so it was a fun day in the shop.  Linda and I are trying to get a Moss Creek Etui stitched and put together...A Welsh Cottage Etui with smalls.  Last weekend I said, "Let's start on the smalls to get a good head start", but Linda said, "I think I'd rather start on the thatched roof."  So I started on the roof, the alphabet side and when Linda got here I said, "I'm pretty sure we're working on different sides of the roof" and she announced, "I started with the needle book."  So much for a plan!  But at least we're off and running and it only took us a few years to get this far.  Candi was working on her pre-stitch for the Sherri Jones Mermaid piece for this year, but I'm not feeling too much pressure with this as I had the kit from the Hilton Head retreat where we took the class (and never stitched it) and since Barbara Nunez and I were suppose to be done stitching this by 2013 Jamboree so we could work on construction I had the front and back done.( And Barbara didn't work on hers at all)  so we never got anywhere with that, but at least I had a head start so I don't have as much to do on that piece.  However, I haven't even taken the 2nd kit, Tulip Tray, home so I guess I better get my stitching on and get these pieces stitched.  With the shop closed 3 days a week until Easter I should be able to get these pieces stitched.  The weather is gloomy down here today, overcast and raining and I know most of us are facing really frigid weather if you haven't already been hit with it.  We've been lucky in that we've still had high 40's and 50's mostly during the day, but tonight we go down to single digits and with wind chill...well I don't even want to think about it.  However, Wednesday we're back in the 30's and by Thursday back to the 40's and by the weekend they are even thinking perhaps low 50's, so I just have to survive a couple of days.  However, Wednesday I go in for the dreaded colonoscopy...TMI I know, but I wanted to bitch about the prep again.  The last time I went through this I couldn't get the liquid throat just closed on me.  However, he ended up doing the procedure anyway (I don't even want to think about that), but when I had to go to Baltimore for another one they gave me pills as I can always get them down.  It was a series of 40 pills but I managed to get them down, although not all the water I was suppose to but still I did a good job with that.  When I went into the doctor's office this time and he said, "We don't do the pills anymore, this is a much better solution and a lot less than before, you'll be fine, " I just cringed.  I keep looking at that damn box thinking we are going to do battle Tuesday and I have a feeling I'm not going to win, but I'm going to try.  However, when I drove to the pharmacy and asked for the prescription the pharmacist said, "Has anyone discussed the cost with you?"  The last time they said that to me the medicine cost $300.   Since I had insurance this time I thought, "How much could I be charged?"  $93.00, that's what. (Turns out insurance only paid about $2.00 of this.)  Honestly, that is ridiculous and to think I probably won't even be able to get it down....well my Tuesday and Wednesday will surely be no picnic.  Hope your week is better than mine will be, although I will be sitting on the sofa most of the time stitching so it won't be all bad.  Have a great week and stay warm.



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