Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day started out promising for most....

I woke and could hear the sound of woman all over town breathing a sigh of relief as they got their children ready for school.  You see in Ocean City the kids have been out of school for the past week, since the snow that fell last Tuesday night.  And then Monday, yesterday, the schools were closed so today was the first time in a week that Mary and Sara had time to themselves.  When I arrived in the office both were in good spirits until.....yes they are predicting 1-3 inches of snow tonight.  I could almost hear the guns being pulled out.  As much as Mary loves her 2 little rug rats she is ready to scream at another 5 days stuck in the house with Solomon and Izzy.  For Sara it's not so bad as Michael is older, but I'm sure every mother in town is holding their breath tonight.  I headed to the grocery store after work so I'd be ready for a day in tomorrow.  Sadly I have to have an ultra sound on Thursday so I'm just hoping the snow that comes disappears before then.  I don't like being in the snow at all.  So tomorrow is going to be my finishing day (well if I can stop myself from stitching that is.)  Yesterday I received my first Plum Street club kit.....I love Plum Street Samplers so Sara gave me the gift of club membership for Christmas or my birthday...don't know which one but anyway I was between pieces so I started it when I got home and was finished this morning....yippee!!!  If I'm able to finish it I'll get it up on the blog tomorrow.  Can't wait and since it's finished you know what that means....tonight I get to pick out another new project...and then I'm going to add the Sherri Jones mermaid back into the rotation.  Fortunately for me I've got the back and front of the purse finished...so I should be able to get the rest done without too much effort.  But then I have the 2nd kit, The Tulip Tray to do and I haven't even opened it.  Wish me luck.  Have a great night of stitching.

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