Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Quaker Ball....oh. my

Another gift to me from Linda Wimbrow and her daughter Candi.  This is also fabulous and is already on display in the shop so you can actually come in and see every stitch.  While I thought it would be a nightmare to finish, Linda and Candi said they had no problem and I can tell you they did a fabulous job.  Not knowing how else to display it I simply put it on a candlestitch (turned upside down).  While I had it at home though I simply sat it on a shelf in my living room and it looked fabulous.  I love Quaker and this was so different I had to have it.  So while it's in my stitching tote...I'm actually thrilled I don't have to stitch it now and put it together.  But I'm glad Linda and Candi gave it to me for Christmas because now I get to enjoy the real thing, not just the chart.  When you come down to Ocean City, look for it.  If you are into Quaker you will have to put this in your to-do pile. 

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