Monday, February 3, 2014

Another Fabulous gift......

I just have to show you one of my Christmas gifts (it seems to be never ending....aren't I the lucky one)...from my daughter Sara. (I'm having an issue apparently so the pictures are at the end of this blog).  Sara is in love with the industry just as I am so I always get such wonderful gifts from her (she knows eventually they will all be hers which doesn't lesson the gift of course, but because of that money becomes no so much of an object).  I have two daughters, no sons, but Mary, my youngest, doesn't stitch (how is that possible?).  She knows how, but doesn't really have the bug and thinks it is beautiful but has no real desire to have it hanging in her Sara will obviously be the recipient of all my stash (which is massive..both stitched and not stitched) and anything needlework related.  Anyway, we saw these shaker boxes a few years ago at Jamboree when Debbie Brotzman brought hers in to show and tell.  I about had a fit and immediately hit the computer to order one as Debbie gave me the gentlement's e-mail address.  I never heard back from the man and it was felt that he only sold these at one of the art fairs in the Baltimore area.  I just knew I'd never get one as I don't get to those anymore.  I mourned the loss of it, but of course you move on as you find more items you would love to own as imagine my complete surprise when I opened this Christmas.  Sara had contacted Debbie, who again gave her  the gentlemen's phone number, Sara called him and he said he was displaying at an event  in the Baltimore area and he would have only 4 of these boxes with him so Sara promised him she would have someone there to pick it up so please save one for her.  She then called Debbie who offered to go get it for her....thank you so much are a peach!  And it came to me Christmas morning.  I think the gentlemen referred to it as a jewelry case, but of course any stitcher looks at it as the ultimate container for supplies.  It is so gorgeous and having three trays inside to hold all my goodies in plain sight...well I just love it.  Stitchers...that is what is so marvelous and necessary about going to stitching events where you network with other stitchers.  The information you receive from others is so valuable and then of course, you get to see what lovely items others have found.   And no one is more generous of spirit than a stitcher.  We don't withhold information from each other so we are the only ones with the finds....  Did you ever have someone tell you they wouldn't share a recipe with you because it was a closely guarded family recipe.  With the exception of someone in the restaurant business I simply don't get that.  Stitchers will share ideas, why Shiela Fitzgibbons and Trudy Edwards not only share their fabulous ideas they always make goodies for me as samples of what I can do for events.  And then Debbie's kindness of spirit and energy by picking this up for Sara.    Honestly, if stitchers ruled the world we'd never have we'd have round robins, sleep overs, contests, there would never be a shot fired.  Well it's a nice thought isn't it?  A perfect example was our Superbowl weekend which ended yesterday....except for Debbie Liming who is still enjoying herself even though her partners in crime have gone home.  We had 3 groups who stayed on the property...our Baltimore group in one unit, our Pennsylvania girls in another and this year Stasy Stinson had her group in one of the units as her apartment where they normally stay ran into some frozen pipe problem and the building water supply had been shut off.  So Stasy gave Sara a call to see if her group could stay on the property.  What is fabulous about these 3 groups is this...they all bring food and cook in their units...soups, Cincinnati Chili is always on board for Stasi Buhrman and Debbie Liming, and then they apartment hop all weekend eating each others food, and stitching together, truly becoming friends thru stitching.  It doesn't make any difference if you knew each other before or not.  Why we even had a designer here, Pat Yergey, from Samplers Revisited came in to join Jennifer Humphries with the Baltimore Group.    Of course they also come down to the shop to visit with Sara and I so we are not left out of the fun.   So after 2 weeks of single digit temps, snow and rain, we were in the 50's with plenty of sunshine and had many friends to share it with... it was a wonderful, friends, lots of stitching and plenty of show and tell.  We missed those who weren't here this year and hope that next year you will be able to join us as well.  We had plenty of shoppers in to take advantage of our Superbowl Sale and we are grateful for all of you.  So thank you for stopping by.  The weekend was cut short Sunday as Stasi Buhrman heard the forecast and decided to get back to West Virginia before the first flake fell.  So while she was suppose to stay until Monday she decided to leave a day did Sherry who dashed back to Pennsylvania for the same reason a day early.  Debbie decided since she didn't have to be back at work until Wednesday she'd sit out the storm down here since we are out of the latest snow loop.  I've said no more snow....I'm so over I'm pretty sure the snow God isn't going to drop anymore on us.  We're ready to head for spring.  We're also ready to head to Nashville ....we leave next week and I'm getting excited already.  New Stitching much fun.

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