Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Not a big finish, but a finish none the less.  Lizzie Kate's latest mystery sampler, "A Little Mystery" part 1.  As you can see it's an easy stitch so it was fun and fast (just what I needed).  It was suppose to be stitched on 30 ct. tea dyed sand linen, but of course I changed it to Lakeside Linens, 28 ct. Mourning Dove, which is such a gorgeous color.  Before choosing my fabric, I put the overdyed flosses on a few colors but Mourning Dove definitely won out for me.  I didn't even realize we had the tea dyed sand but after seeing it I would have still picked the Lakeside Mourning Dove.  But that's just me, you pick out your favorite linen or aida.  That's the fun of working with charts instead of kits.  You get to change everything, floss and linen, so it's really geared toward your taste.  Anyway, I also chose to use the embellishment pack and put the beads on it.  I love a few beads on a piece to give  it a little dimension.  Can't wait for part 2.  Oh, the scissor fob designs, front and back, included with this design is so cute.  While I may like the bonus patterns, I seldom stitch them as I always feel the need to move on to the next shop sample.  But I'm actually going to stitch the cute. In fact, I'm looking at the design differently and wondering if I could finish it as a type of  huswife to hold the bonus pieces instead of a mind is twirling.  It would mean a lot more work invested thought wise and I'm not sure I'm up to it, but I've got a couple of weeks to go before Part 2 is here so I have a little time to decide.  Good job Linda, as usual, Lizzie Kate has done it again.  Of course, as I've been working on smaller finishes, my obsession is still in the pile but isn't getting the time it should.  I try to work on it a couple of times each week and I was certainly hoping to get part 6 done before I got part 8, but I'm not sure that's going to happen.  But I still love the stitch and know I will at least finish this one and not stuff it in a bag for eternity.  Sara handed me the Jackie DuPlessis class kit so I've got to start on that next week.  I pray it's an easy stitch, although I know it's not going to be that easy, and I'm certainly distracted with so many other things I want to stitch.  By now you are all aware that Prairie Schooler is closing down as of the first of 2016.  Sad day for us all.  They gave us so many wonderful designs and their yearly Santa was a must have.  This is a company that will be missed by us all.  Thanks for the many years of exceptional designs loved by so many.

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