Monday, August 3, 2015

Finally, Mermaid's Treasures is finally a little bucket...yeah!!!!!

It's been a busy couple of weeks as I've been trying to catch up on a couple of things started back in May.  Those of you who attended the May retreat will remember part of your goodie bag was the Mermaid's
Treasure box, and while I had some of it finished, well, I fell short on the sides of the box and the needlebook.  But it's all finished now and ready to show.  Sara ordered more boxes so we could actually sell the kits in the shop.  Anyway, thrilled to have this finished.  Of course things went too smoothly so I just couldn't help myself and decided I didn't want the inside lid blank, but space was restricted as you had to make sure the magnetic closure didn't get covered.  We were looking at it in the shop and I was struggling with what to do when it occurred to me that everything should be attached to the box.  So I added earth magnets inside the needlebook and on the back of the needle vial and voila, with the magnetic sheet applied to the inside lid the needlebook and vial are now able to rest on the lid and because I made sure they fit inside the opening of the box when the lid is closed, everything worked out perfectly.  In the end the magnetic sheet was not quite strong enough so I also glued earth magnets on the sheet to hold the book and the vial.  But the sheet holds individual needles or a needle nanny so I'm still glad I put it on.  But so busy trying to figure this out it never occurred to me that the magnet on the back of the vial band would also attract the needles.  When I went to put them in the vial the magnet pulled them out of the hand and into the vial, but to get them out I actually have to take the vial out of the band.  Hummm design flaw to say the least, but I can get the vial out of it's band easily so I'm still good to go.  Then yesterday I decided to stitch the last of our Rusty Bucket Series designs (the other 2, Patriotic Pail and Bunny Pail are already done).  These are fast projects so I got it stitched yesterday and waited until today to put it together with the pail.  I then finished it with Dames of the Needle chenille trim.  Fun project and when I get to the shop tomorrow I'll be filling it with shells for display.   Since I was finishing I decided to finish Lizzie Kate's Halloween pillow from 2014.  I can't take credit for the stitching (although I originally had it in my stash) but I can say Thank You to Diane Austin who stitched it, decided she didn't like the fabric and gave it to us to use.  Sorry she had to restitch but thrilled to have a model I didn't have to stitch.   Win Win!!!  Hopefully I will be able to show this tomorrow.  Good day at home.

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