Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Halloween, let the party begin....

   Thank you Diane Austin for the stitching, and for starting my thinking and stitching for Halloween.  This has always been a fun event to stitch for, at lease for me.  I love a lot of the Halloween designs and the stitching is always fun and funky.  But in this case, it was simply a finish as Diane did all the hard word, the stitching.  Diane didn't like the fabric she chose which is a Picture This Plus overdyed fabric, and a really popular fabric choice for Halloween projects.  But after stitching she asked Sara is she would want it for a sampler as she was going to restitch it on a different fabric and Sara and I have the same philosophy, "My Names Jimmy, I'll take all you give me."  So then Sara handed it over to me and asked if I would make it into the mini pillow pin cushion.  While this whole process has taken months, I finally sat down and got it done.   I used Dames of the Needle Pom Pom trim in black to showcase it  and this is a cute little pin cushion.  Looks a little wonky in the photo but isn't wonky in person, although wonky makes it even better for Halloween, now that I think about it.  Anyway, 2 finishes (I'm taking credit for Diane's even though I didn't stitch it)  and you know what that means.  I get to pick another new project, although today I have to start Jackie Duplessis "The Gift" for class next month.  I did pull out another of Val's Halloween ornaments to take to work.  I have to have small projects while at work since I have the attention span of a gnat at this point and too much activity and I can't function enough to stay on track with stitching.  Small Projects while working is better.  Of course, normally all my projects get when I'm working is a pleasant trip to the shop and a fast trip home at the end of the shift..  I hate even going outside at this point.  The heat and humidity are deadly to "fat" people and old people and since I fit into the 2 categories I figure I'm in twice the trouble out.  Thank God I have a/c at the shop and home.   Well, I've got to get ready to go, so I'll end here.  Have a great day and perhaps I'll have something to talk about tomorrow.

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