Sunday, July 5, 2015

July 5th and I've got a finish................Yea!!!!!

Made it through the 4th, in fact I stitched the night away and have a finish to show.  The top photo show's the lid for the Polish Potter Bowl #4 from Olde Colonial Designs.  I did it in 4 nights, working a quarter of the design each day.  So it was an easy stitch, fast and the finishing was easy as well.  This was a win, win and gave me something that I knew I could get done quickly as I trudge along on Serenity Harbor.  The middle two photo's show the scissor case I stitched for Renee for her birthday.  It's part of Blackberry Lane Design's, "Tools of the Trade (part V)."  All over one (ouch!) and Renee picked out a 30 ct. straw linen to have it stitched on using the Tulip Red fiber that the design called for.  It was touch and go as I flew to get it done in time, but pulled that off and handed it off to her on the assigned day.   Whew!!! Sometimes it is just too close to the deadline.  But once that was done, I have some time before I have to have a gift for anyone so I'm enjoying the stitch.  Of course my Serenity Harbor gets my attention every day, but I can't just work on it so I get to pick out some small designs to work along with it, like the Polish Bowl.  But I am pleased to announce, I'm almost through the 5th section of Serenity Harbor...may take a couple more nights since I work on other stuff as well, but it's good to be moving  on this piece.  Amazingly enough, even though I feel like I've been stitching the bay on it forever,  I love this piece.  At the end of the night I take it out of the Q-Snap and look at my progress and fall in love with it all over again.  (thank God since I'm not even half way done.)  In the bottom picture you can see one of the gifts from Debbie Liming, the hornbook. (That's the Polish pottery bowl sitting in front of it.  I'm fascinated with hornbooks and have a few of them now.  Debbie finished this one so that it can be displayed so easily...thanks Debbie..  I always finished mine with the handle down so it won't stand up and now I just leave them laying on the shelf.  Wish I'd thought of Debbie's method myself.  Well, I've got to get back to stitching...Serenity Harbor is just calling my name.  We had a wonderful 4th here last night.  The day was nice, sun did shine and the rain held off  until the fireworks started but was sporadic and didn't stop anything.  I hope everyone was able to get their patriotic spirit in gear.  Wonderful day of celebration!  Have a great to you soon

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