Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

 Happy 4th of July everyone.  Hope everyone is going to enjoy the day no matter what it brings in weather.  We're expecting rain most of the day and night so not sure fireworks are in our immediate future, but that's O.K., because most of us have the day off so that's celebration enough, almost!  Some of you have already seen the Patriotic Sampler tool caddy and smalls shown at left.  I seem to be obsessed with the tool caddy and spools...I have to admit I am!  The tool caddy design comes from the Jeannette Douglas chart, "Patriotic Sampler" and I just deconstructed the sampler and used it's parts to create this fabulous set.  I'm already thinking of the next caddy, which I think will be a summer tote....the choices are endless.  Anyway, since one of my loves is Patriotic designs, this was just a natural selection.  My first tool caddy was stitched last year for Halloween, and back then it was the caddy, a needlebook and a fob.  The spool has now been added along with the needle vial.  Fun times!  And these caddys are really handy.  I keep my tools in mine so I don't have to search out my glasses, tape measure, extra needles, pad of paper, pen and scissors each time I sit to stitch.  Anyway, I mentioned the weather is a bit iffy....right  now it's overcast most of the time but it's still warm enough so people are out and walking and the town is full to overflowing. I don't care since I'm off and sitting in my own house with my T.V. on and my stitching just waiting for me to pick it up.  I've already spent 2 hrs on Serenity Harbor this morning....mercy there is certainly a whole lot of water on part 5, but I'm determined to get through part 5 this weekend.  I'm also 1/2 way through the Polishware bowl project...whoppee!  I decided to do 1/4 of the pattern each day so in 4 days the project would be complete.  I'm right on track!   I brought home a few more charts (I worked for a few hours in the shop to give poor Sara a break since she was double shifting yesterday.  In return, I came home with dinner.....I sure got the better end of that deal.  So I'm already eyeballing my next project.  I think picking out the next project is almost as much fun as stitching the next project.  Going through all the bags, shelves, cabinets, closets....yes, I have a lot of places to look and can't wait until I find just the right project.  With Serenity Harbor as my large project, I look for nothing but smaller projects at this point and the choices are endless.  In fact, I've got to get back to the search, so have a great day.  Play safe, stay home and stitch.  Talk to you later..

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