Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Had to show you my birthday gift from my good friend, Paola.  But I also want to show you what this years gifts go with so the first picture shows the "Roses for Sally" box which was a birthday gift a couple of years ago, and the scissor fob which was a gift the next year.  This year I got three more smalls for my box which are shown in the rest of the pictures.  This project is absolutely so gorgeous, stitched on 40 ct. I believe, over one and as usual impeccably stitched and finished.  Thank you Paola for such a wonderful gift which will be cherished forever.  It gives me great joy every time I walk in the room, smell the rose scent (Paola always makes sure they smell like roses) and then get to "play" with my treasures.  Wonderful birthday, as usual, but even better this year because not only were my local "peeps" here but also Paola, Debbie and Stasi.  Great weekend!  Thanks again to everyone.    I've been really busy stitching myself.  Had a birthday gift to stitch, whew!  Got it done at 2:00 a.m. the morning I was giving it....thought I might not make it, but was able to present it on time!   So with all pre-stitches out of the way, birthday gift done.....I was able to get back to Serenity Harbor.  Naturally, I'm behind...July showed up Monday, and I'm still on May.  But I'm working on it daily now so I should be able to catch up, hopefully sooner rather than later.  Although, Jackie DuPlessis prestitch arrived on Monday as well, but I couldn't take one (thank God) as others had signed up and Sara always gives mine away in the beginning and this year I'm definitely alright with that.  I need some Serenity Harbor time.  At the same time I'm already looking for a smaller project to stitch along with Serenity Harbor.  I have 3 or 4 small Shepherd's Bush projects, including the needle roll that is part of the Shepherd's Fold series.  I also pulled out "Giving Thanks" from Drawn Thread.  I love the piece and plan to get this done for this year's Thanksgiving holiday.  Of course, I thought the same thing last year....but this year I'm determined.  However it is a little large to lug to the shop, so I need something like a pin cushion, or a small pillow so the search is on going.  I came across the Polishware bowl from Olde Colonial, so I might just start with that.  I collect Polishware so I was thrilled when Pam showed us this in Nashville.  Apparently there were pieces offered before that I missed...darn it all!  But at least I got the bowl and it's cute so I'm a happy camper for the moment.  While I was searching through multiple totes I also ran across several projects I had started and for one reason or another just stopped, "Shores of Hawk Run" (which I loved stitching at the time), and was thrilled to find "And they Sinned" which I thought I had completed the first section of and yet I didn't (funny how my mind always thinks I'm doing better than I am), and then there was a Lorri Birmingham design that was suppose to be on a tin, and while I had put it on a tin I didn't like the finish at the time and stuffed it back in the bag.  Well, I've made a decision, each week I'm going to pick one finished, but not assembled project and work to get it assembled (as I did today with the Lorri Birminham tin) and at the same time start finishing some of the partially started pieces.  Stasi Buhrman so inspired me (as she frequently does with all her finishing) when she completed her "And they sinned" and I swore then to find it and finish it.  I also saw my Welsh Cottage in there, but that got pushed back to get some of these others finished.....hopefully.  I'm thrilled to say I pulled the Lorri Birmingham piece apart and redid it using supplies I have now, which I didn't have back when I put this together in the first place, and I really love it.  I do need to finish the inside of the tin, but it looks so cute with the scrapbook paper used on the tin on the outside and I used an old plastic room key (like the credit card type) as the base instead of the old cardboard and it was the perfect size and I padded with Warm and Natural and perfection, at least to me.  One piece out of the "unfinished bag" and out on display.   I never return those credit card type keys, don't like the fact that my info is on there, but more importantly, I know I can use them in finishing and they are wonderful as the base on Altoid tin finishing among other things.  Try cutting has to be done, they fit right on there. Got to get back to stitching.  Have a wonderful day and try to put needle to linen or aida tonight

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