Saturday, July 11, 2015

Progress on Serenity Harbor.......

    Here is my obsession, Serenity Harbor....just starting Section 6 and still loving it.  I worked yesterday and was sitting in Sea Trader reading when Sandy Jones came in and asked if I brought the obsession in so she could compare my progress to hers.  She has also started part 6, and then while she was there in came Judy Brunclik for work with hers.  There are so many of us stitching this piece, on different counts and using different fibers that it really is fascinating to see what they all look like.  Judy is stitching on 28 ct, while Sandy and I are stitching on 36 ct.  I've seen 40 ct gauze and 40 ct. linen....the possibilites are endless, as well as the colors being used.  But one thing is universal, the design is fabulous on any count.  I have found that some of the colors are rather close to others that butt up to them which makes some of the images harder to deferentiate,  however, that was addressed  today on facebook.  We are being told that on those parts, #730 is too close to what is stitched beside it and we are told to change the color to 732. In my opinion there are 3 colors which are next to each other on parts 5 & 6 that are really too close to see a difference, but I realized that as soon as I started stitching the colors and went ahead with them anyway, so apparently it wasn't that big a deal to me (or was I just to lazy to go through my stash of fibers to find a different fiber.    Since I'm now almost 1/2 way through I don't think I will get bored with it, which was a concern at the beginning with all late water and land that had to be filled in.  I was ceertainly glad when the water was done, but would have done more had the pattern called for it.  When I got bored I just looked ahead at what was coming and it kept me motivated.  Other than that not much is new down here.  It's hot, it's humid, I'm loving retirement, even though I did work at the hotel for the last 2 days and had to go in today....but then I'm off for the weekend and really don't have to go back to the hotel until next win!  Yes, this life would be perfect if I never had to go outside.  I love just my little box.  I was lucky this week I didn't have to grocery shop because I handed Sara my little list and she shopped for me when she went shopping.  This limits the time I am aggravated by what I see when I walk outside.  When did I become so aggravated by everything.  The way people dress, really?  It's as if no one owns a mirror anymore.  Half the time just walking the 2 blocks from my house to the hotel I see enough ass and boobs to last me a year.  What happened to wearing a nice coverup, hell what happened to wearing a bathing suit that covers your whole body.  I can tell you now, the girls are stressed out when they see me arrive and they are silently jumping for joy when I depart and I think I understand why.  I often voice my opinion and apparently my whisper isn't so much a whisper anymore.  In other words, I have become my mother in every way.  I wish she was still alive so I could have shown more tolerance for her "whisper" and her "suggestions."  Perhaps this is a lesson to all those who still have their mothers with them.  When your mother does something you really find annoying, could it be her age and if so, show some kindness because you two will be walking in her shoes before you know it and wouldn't you want your children to show that kindness to you.  There are a couple of things Sara is experiencing which I've had going on for several years.  Each time I say, "welcome to my world" she laughs a little harder.   As you get older that's about all you can do as each new "thing" enters your world.  Getting old is certainly entertaining, as long as you aren't the one getting old.  Got to get to stitching...Have a great weekend.

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