Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Right on Schedule.........................

I finished part 5 of Serenity Harbor (I forgot to take a picture but will do it and get it up here by tomorrow.  Anyway, a few days ago I mentioned that I was going to pull some of the old projects where the stitching was done but they were not finished yet out and work on 1 piece a week to get it completed.  Last week I completed the Lori Birmingham tin and this weeek it became the Traveling Quaker Roll.  I actually finished the Quaker Roll itself months ago, but found that I had stitched the fob over 2 when it was suppose to be stitched over one. So I then stitched it correctly over one but put it down to work on class pieces.   I had remembered stitching it but when I pulled the pieces out of the bag they were stored in I didn't see the fob pieces so I started over one again and after about 1/2 hour could see I just wasn't in the mood, so I decided to take one of the motifs from the roll that would stitch up small enough over 2 threads to still fit with the roll.  I finally decided which motif would work, stitched it twice (one for the back and one for the front) and as I got up to go iron the piece, I found the original pieces all stitched.  (are you kidding me?)  I decided since they were over one I would rather keep those so I interfaced them and finished the fob and you can see the finished result in the pictures.  Two projects, last weeks and this weeks, done and on display.  So you can see I'm getting things done, as long as I don't have to go outside.  Now I can start part 6 of Serenity Harbor and pull out another small project.  I decided to start a couple of the Val's Stuff "Spooks of the month."  I started one last night, didn't have one of the fibers (I'm not kidding, I still don't own a complete set of any companies fibers), so today I started another one...this time I do have the fibers.  They are stitched on perforated paper, which is a challenge for me since I pull everything so tightly I've been know to rip the perforated paper, but I'm really trying to watch my tension this time.  While these aren't complete kits, they do come with the perf.paper, backing, and any specialty buttons they use and each month they will be using buttons.  The designs are really cute, I'm working on April's "Frankly, My Dear".  You know how I am about beads...well this design has dots which would make perfect places for beads, but I haven't decided if I want to use them or not.  I might just wait until it's finished.  I'm not sure if the beads with "fancy" it up and I don't think these ornaments should be fancy.  I also need to pick a small project that will be for me, not necessarily a shop model.  I haven't gotten there yet.  Anyway, I've got to get my stitch on....I'll talk to you later!

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Stasi said...

You are a stitching/finishing machine!!!! Great work!!!