Thursday, July 2, 2015

Seashore cute

 Stacy Stinson gave me this cute Jabco pin cushion, (a pin cushion I wanted but was too cheap to buy myself), along with an exclusive Blackbird small stocking design chart with 2 seashore related designs, which I had never seen before and was thrilled to have them.  I started (and I do stress started) the year long series of the Blackbird Stocking ornaments years ago.  I was right on track for about 3 months, or perhaps 4 months since there were 3 stockings per month, and I ended up with 13 stockings before having to switch off and of course, I have yet to return to the stocking project.  But this prompts me to get these two done and then go back and finish the series which will mean 36 of the original plus the  2 for the birthday for a total of 38...oh, my wouldn't that make a beautiful Christmas tree and I could leave a lot of them for a tree each month since none of them are too Christmasy.  Anyway, thanks Stacy,  you know how much I love my summer beachy stuff.  And of course, there are seashore related pins  included with the gift, simply fabulous.  I am sorry it's taking me so long to get everything up here....honestly, I've been so busy stitching I haven't had time to blog (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it..  Jennifer Humphries also gave me a goodie bag filled with wonderful items, but there was one gift that I've been using since the day I got it and I'm loving it.  I've always used a magnet board and for some reason used Loran's, I suppose because we sell them and it was easy for me to grab.  But Jennifer brought me a magnet board from the office supply store that's so much bigger, about 14" x 11".  Now it's not just a magnet board but also a dry erase board.  But I'm using it solely because of the magnetism.  She also gave me a supply of earth magnets to use...honestly I've never seen any magnet stronger than these earth magnets.  Now the reason I love it so much, I can put not only the chart on there but also the page that lists the colors and their symbols so I'm not always having to find that among the "stuff" on my sofa where I stitch.  I can also keep a list on there of any colors or beads I need to pick up and because it's a dry erase, there was also a place to put a pen so I have a ready made station for my stitching.  I use one of the magnets to hold my scissors so I don't have to fear losing them to the sofa...and my needles are there...oh, it's wonderful. I had purchased a variety of metal easels from Hobby Lobby and one of them was just the right size to hold this board.   I use this for my bigger project, Serenity Harbor, and I use Linda Wimbrow's stitchers tray for my small projects.  I work on a variety of items at one time and it's wonderful not to have to put everything away from one project in order to work on another.  Now I just switch stations and I'm ready to go.  Speaking of which, I started the Polishware bowl project today.  Since it combines over 1 and over 2 stitching I've decided to stitch at least 1/4" of the design each day and then move on to Serenity Harbor for a couple of hours and then I can start another small design if I want to.  I will only be working on small designs with over 2 stitching when I go to work, so you can see I need multiple projects going at once.  This also gives me finishing time each week, as that is my latest resolution, to finish up some of the projects just sitting there unfinished.  (God I hope I hold to this..please give me the strength and perserverance).  Anyway, I'm stitching like crazy and with very few duties this summer (no skatepark at all) I have plenty of stitching time.  It has created a slight issue however.  On the news the other day, for the medical segment they discussed tech neck, which I believe I have, however, it's not tech related but stitching related.  From bending over at the neck to stitch, my neck is killing me and I find I have to pause more often and kind of exercise the neck (they suggested this as a repair).  I'm not sure I exercise it enough and I'm hitting the motrin bottle more, but just can't give up my stitching.  It's leading me to take more breaks to, God help me, pick up more.  Crap!  I'd rather be stitching.  Have a great more later.

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