Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Whew .... the humidity would drop an elephant!

O.K., so now it's summer, it's hot, sticky and the temperature is hovering around 90...good Lord, I'm like a fish out of water down here and feel like I'm drowning half the time...and I'm sitting in a/c. But I do have to emerge from my den like office and when I do...oh, my...I can't move these fat legs fast enough to get to the next a/c room. And to add insult to this weather, we have had a couple of those horrendous thunderstorms which has stopped business dead in it's tracks..and I do mean dead. We're not happy campers right now. I remember those great days in Paradise where the days were sunny and each day was delightful, but lately it is not so Paradise like. Last week we had hail...hail in the summer, what the hell is that about? Well, today's another day and I'll try to remain hopeful. You would think my stitchers would be getting their projects to hunker down and stitch during this rain....but I haven't seen many of them either. UPDATE: You remember the incident in June with the person stealing a van and running it into my building (thank you so much). This resulted in my court summons (although I didn't actually know what the case was) and my subsequent failure to show (O.K. I forgot about the damn summons...I'm busy). I've already told you I called the State's Attorney and his secretary informed me I was alright since she could find nowhere where they had issued a summons for my arrest (thank God)...well the Burtonsville man faced over 25 charges from the incident...O.K. he stole the van from the Harrison Group who were at the time cleaning carpet with the hoses running out of the van, drove the stolen van dragging the cleaning hoses (Gee, how would anyone know it was stolen?) which were connected to the equipment inside, behind the vehicle. He then got to 15th street and Baltimore Ave., driving south (meanwhile its oneway north bound traffic) with cars trying to dodge this fool and he made it to my house where he turned and drove through a driveway next door, broke through their fence and then hit my building. (Of all the streets he found mine). He actually jumped out of the van while it was moving so technically he wasn't in control of the moving vehicle when it hit my building (even cars have it out for me this year). In any event, he was sentenced to three years in jail, and also found guilty of driving under the influence and received an additional year in jail for that. So, it was a good day and justice was received so that's a good thing. Did he learn his lesson...I doubt it, but at least I wasn't arrested as a result of my "no show" so we consider that a good day. I'm still dealing with MOSHA and the new freight lift...well this is a continuing sore spot for all of us. The lift is in, but not connected...each time they bother to appear they are called off for an emergency (which they are going to have here the next time they leave). Then the final insult was I received the final bill for the private elevator going to my father's old apartment, now Sara's apartment, which MOSHA said was a commercial elevator even though it is keyed and the size of a postage stamp. Which explains why we are headed for court. Anyway, I called them and said, "There were 6 things on the contract that were suppose to be taken care of...you have done only 2 so I'm not going to be paying this final bill." To which the lady said, "O.K." While I wish everyone felt it was O.K. to not pay the bill, I questioned why they bothered to send the bill in the first place and this is what she said, "They said they would be done by the end of July and to send you the bill." The bill which stated they were completely done and they had notarized that. Notarized a bill...what the hell and it was a lie to begin with. Is it me or have people gone completely nuts. And then on the news I hear that the banks which got our tax dollars in bail out money are back to giving millions of dollars in compensation to their ceo's once again. Is it me? Come on people...our generosity is too much. I am so pissed that they have used my tax dollars in this way. Do they not think the small mom and pop companies could use a little bail out? And I wouldn't give myself a golden parachute either when I retired. There is something wrong here...our government is so completely out of whack. Telling us that giving the bail out would turn things around just doesn't work for me. I say, give the bail out to the citizens, not companies and we would go out and spend it and thus get the economy moving again. Forget the major corporations who have screwed us already...GIVE ME THE MONEY! And folks, I feel better even if that didn't make a whole lot of sense....so it was worth saying. I'm feeling better physically also...my cold is gone, I still have the hacking at times, but I'm learning to live with it. Other than that the excitement is gone...I have nothing further to report....at least for today. So folks, have a great day and thanks for checking in with me. Oh, yea, I finished one more stocking...not sure if I reported this already...can't remember what I said 5 minutes ago and at 61 well, let's just say I'm not as intelligent as I once thought I was. So hopefully I'm back on the stocking train...hope it keeps chugging along. I hope you are having a wonderful summer with lots of sun, plenty of stitching, and a lot of ice tea. Talk to you soon.

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