Sunday, July 5, 2009

Whew...sure glad that days over!!!!

It's was the worst 4th ever for us...not business wise, but it about gave Sara a stroke, and poor Vernon...well he was up all night. Me...I went home at 11:00 p.m. and slept like a baby. I've been taking my NyQuill at night and it puts me to sleep, cough is gone. Yes, I finally beat the cough. But getting back to the 4th...honestly, I wish we could go from the 3rd to the 5th with nothing in between. We all know we've got hell to pay before it's over and yesterday didn't disappoint. Sara's ignorant couple from the first thing in the morning kept it up all day. They were drunk when they arrived at 7:00 a.m., and never drew a sober breath. She gave Sara so much crap Sara about blew...and just when I thought perhaps they would sleep it off, they were back with this nasty bitch screaming at Sara, Mary, Vernon and Sara again. I finally went down and said I'd take the next round...which would be the last round because I'd throw they skanky asses out...and I mean out. Vernon went to throw them out and they said they would be no more trouble and Vernon told them to stay the hell away from Sara and if the Skank said one more word they were out. How the hell did they end up here when we don't rent to these kind of people anyway? Then at 5:00 p.m. I took up residence in the chair to watch the parking lot. Poor Sara spent the day getting a picnic ready for all the employees so between that and the "Skank" she was done for. So the alcohol started flowing for she and Vernon and she took a shower and was ready for the nights activity of monitoring the Mexican nation. It was the usual round the block riding for many and amazingly enough people were selling parking spaces for anywhere from $20-$75 for the fireworks. I cannot imagine who would be dumb enough to pay that for 20 minutes of fireworks....but then I have my space and I don't even go outside to view them. They so aren't worth it! Anyway, I'm pleased to say wherever the sign was telling them to pee on our property, it's apparently been taken down because only one person looked like they might, came and asked me where she could find a bathroom...I told her less than 100 feet away and she said she'd never make it and went on down the street (and I might added went over 100 feet in the opposite direction) so who knows where she went. We were sitting out there talking about how much we hated the 4th when the "skank" came back around and tried to approach Sara who said to her.."walk away from me, don't even try to talk to me." She then went over to the security guards (if you could call them that...frankly I've never seen them do anything but sit on the steps of the Paradise talking)...and after she left them Brian when over to see what she said to them and they were asked where she could buy some Vodka. They told they didn't know because they felt she had already had too much to drink. Yeah, that's what she needed...they were drinking beer and drunk at 7:00 a.m. and now she wanted to add Vodka to the mix. She did go to the 9th street market and pick up a 4 pack of Red Bull. And the greatest sin...she was wearing a Skanky bikini after 6:00 p.m. Speaking of Red Bull though...Sara told me that after I left to take over the store for Connie so she could get ahead of the going home traffic at 9:00...the Red Bull van pulled up 8th street, blocked traffic and handed out free samples of Red Bull. So Sara went over to them and told them they would have to move the friggin van since they had traffic all tied up. So after arguing with those idiots for 15 minutes (I hear it got ugly)..they ended up pulling the pallets of Red Bull out of the van, dumped it into the street and left so it was a Red Bull free for all. They gave 2 cases to Brian and asked him to intervene with Sara so she wouldn't call the police. I'm telling you by 11:00 p.m. Sara was a raging maniac. I truthfully was afraid she was going to have a stroke...and since our Skank was still out oh, yeah, I forgot this part, she and her boyfriend were in a room with one double bed and she called friends from the front desk and told them she had a room with 2 beds (obviously hallucinating) and they should come on down to join her. So this meant that we had to stand vigil to make sure her friends did not go up to join her. But we never saw her again and at 11:00 p.m. Sara was insisting I go home. The lines of cars trying to get out of 8th, 9th, and 10th street did not lessen until around midnight. The fireworks were over at 9:50. It was nuts here. And now we are set for another week. Today the weekend people have gone home and we are left with another set of visitors...I can only hope they have more sense the the 4th of July people...I have my doubts. And tomorrow, God help us, Sara and Vernon go to Easton to fight over our fine with MOSHA. They are so exhausted but we have the elevator people and the safety expert also going so I have hope. In the meantime, I'm in Salty Yarns where some asshole is screaming at his wife because he's been sitting outside waiting for an hour. Now she's telling me what an asshole he least we agree on that. Once she's gone and he's gone, it will be quiet in here once Paradise...and I have my stitching...oh, and racks I can go through to load up my new tote from Shiela and Trudy...oh, I have to go later. Have a great day.

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