Monday, July 13, 2009

Opps..what was my point

O.K., I forgot my point (there were so many) with the woman who bought the sock yarn for her daughter. I mentioned she plunked my quaker band Nantucket basket on the counter. When all was said and done she said, well I take this. I said, "This is a sample and not for sale" even though the sticker on the bottom was still on it showing that the basket was $100. Believe me the way this night was playing out, in my mind I was thinking "I could always stitch the Quaker Band over again and put it on another basket," but the thought of doing that was just too much to I said, "No, I'm sorry not for sale." That's when she picked up the knitting yarn because God Bless her, she was determined not to leave without buying something. Now that's a customer I can tolerate in the end. Crazy but loyal! Have a great day stitchers. Enjoy the little moments.

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