Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I made it, I made it....

You might think I made something spectacular, but no...I just mean I made the walk. Michael (my dear sweet grandson), is in boogie board camp this week, so he asked if I'd come watch him. Of course I said, absolutely. I knew there would be sand, sun, perhaps water, but I was willing to throw myself into the mix for Michael. When his mother heard she said, "I don't think that's such a good idea." When I asked why, here is what she said," Mom, do you realize you park your car about 2 blocks from the beach and then you have to walk on the beach about a block." I know I drive the 2 blocks to work, but it isn't that I can't walk...I just choose not to walk. So I said, "I'm going and I'll walk it and be fine, however, please have a beach chair waiting for me as I have the attention span of a gnat and once I've watched him ride one wave I'm over it and I'm going to read." Next thing I knew Vernon is standing over me. That usually means he needs a lot of money for something so when I barked, "What is it now?" He said, "Sara said you were going to watch Michael at Boogie Board Camp, and I didn't know if you realized you would have about a 2 block walk from where you park the car to the beach, and then you have another block on the beach." What the hell...apparently I've given everyone the impression that I can't walk 3 blocks. So I thanked Vernon for his concern but said I was still going and I'd be just fine. So at 1:45 p.m. I said to Mary, "I'm leaving for Boogie Board Camp." Then Mary says, "Mom, I don't know if you realize it's a 2 block walk to the beach and then another block on the beach. It's also really hot so I'm not sure if you will be able to make it." O.K., I'm starting to see a pattern one thinks I can walk 3 even if I'm dying I'm going to have to pull this fat butt up those dunes and get to the water as if I am dying of thirst...which I may be since I don't dare drink water for fear I'd then have to pee and that would be the mile hike to a bathroom and back. So I decided to forgo the water and just hike. So I arrive and Sara starts mothering immediately. "Get out so I can park the car..the chair is on the sidewalk so just sit there until I get back." No darn wonder I'm so one lets me walk or stand! But I pull the chair into position and sit. After about 15 minutes the hike begins. I should have timed it since I was on duty at 4:00 p.m. and that only left me 2 hours on the beach, but of course I was just thrilled to make it to the beach, over the dunes and down to the water. The hell with timing it. Now I'm not sure what I expected to see...tricks, kids flying through the air...I'm not sure, but what I actually saw was my Michael along with the 25 other kids just laying on the boogie boards and catching waves. Not there's anything wrong with that, but couldn't he have done that in front of the hotel? I think so. But I watched him ride the surf and at 3:15 I decided to start the trek back across the dunes. Now I have to say the sand was really, really hot so I had to wear my sandals, so that slowed me down somewhat, and the sand was hard to walk in, but I was not going to show fear. I walked with a mission...Please God, let me make it without passing out and proving everyone else right. I kept my eye on the car waiting in the Convention Hall parking lot and 8 minutes later I was sitting in the air conditioning, thanking God that I'd make it. I've suggested to Michael he find a friend and just boggie board in front of the would be a lot easier on all of us, and then I wouldn't have to park 2 blocks from the beach. Uh, Oh...if your child is old enough to put the sentence together..."Can I have it now?" and not in baby talk...and it's over 3 feet tall and at least in 1st or 2nd grade...he's too old to breast feed or have a pacifier out in public. Notice I didn't say he was too old for one period...which I may be thinking but God forbid I say it... It may be the heat from this afternoon trek along the beach, but I don't think so...this kid is just too damn old to have a pacifier. Period. But if you have to let them have it keep it home... Of course to have this child in this store while you shop is also ridiculous since it's 10:00 p.m....yes I should be closed, but God forbid this woman should take this child home and put him to bed. His poor little eyes look like they are on fire...I'm still not in favor of the pacifier...I'm in favor of thinking about your children first and shopping tomorrow during the day while they are splashing around in the water under the watchful eyes of his adult sister. But God forbide I should say anything. Oh, Brother...I better close because I'm about done in and this kid with the pacifier is about to push me over the edge....well I shouldn't blame's his mother. And you know I was such a perfect mother I can criticize all I want. (at least in my mind...God only knows the Mommy Dearest tell all my girls will be writing after I'm least I hope it's after I'm gone.) Have a great night to you later.

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